Survival Skills


Below are a list of possible survival skills that can be taught at any one of our events. Any of our events can be a mixture of survival and mountaineering events as well (Please see Mountaineering page).

1.Wilderness navigation with map and compass, and primitive techniques Basic Tracking skills
2.Snow Shoe construction
3.Fish Trap/Basket construction
4.Shelter Construction
5.Basic wilderness medicine
6.Fire starting with a variety of primitive and advanced techniques, each one has its own time requirements to master. Examples are Bow Drill, Hand Drill, Flint and Steel, and Improvised electronics.
7.Basic flint knapping, blade making Skinning/inspecting/cooking game (with handmade blades) Primitive Cooking
8.Survival Kit Construction
9.Snare/Trap Construction
10.Rope/Cordage making
11.Basic Foraging for edibles (Seasonal availability of course)
12.Container Making (Wood Containers, Ceramics, baskets)
13.Primitive Weapon Manufacture (Clubs, Axes, Spears, Simple Bow and Arrow, Atlatl)

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