Survival Packages

Rogue Consulting Group LLC packages are primarily designed for families, business groups and other civilian organizations. If you are a military organization seeking training, please refer to

As former service members, we have a great deal of respect for our men and women in uniform, and we realize training budgets are not always what they should be. For those units who may not have a large budget for training, and will be sending service-members into harm’s way, please contact us and we may be able to work out an arrangement for a “train the trainer” program on a case by case basis.


Our mobile training team will tailor make packages to fit the needs of small or large groups of all levels of fitness and experience. If you are an experienced outdoorsman, we welcome the opportunity to compare techniques and learn new methods.

Survival or Mountaineering backpacking trips:

Any Season, location varies depending on conditions and desires of client. Our experienced staff will guide your organization or family on a trip in remote country with an emphasis on either survival skills or basic mountaineering and rock climbing.

Lodging and food can be pre-staged or for a more challenging trip, all equipment will be backpacked in. For the minimalist, trips can be planned around primitive shelter construction so tents can be left at home. Trips will be conducted at the pace of the client, and our staff will have scouted alternate locations and routes in the event of minor injuries or difficulties due to terrain or equipment.

Survival Camp:

Any Season, location varies depending on conditions, our staff takes care of the hard parts (transportation, setting up camp, cooking, cleaning etc.). You get to relax and focus on learning or just enjoying yourself. During the day, clients will be taught basic and advanced survival skills, land navigation and wilderness medicine, followed up with lessons in primitive cooking at night. We cater our menu to our client’s tastes and can accommodate any dietary restrictions or desires. We are able to provide fresh game meat for clients to butcher and cook using only primitive methods, and that can be arranged ahead of time. Duration is dependent on client. The longer the training, the more skills you will acquire. Skills taught will differ depending on the season, availability of resources, and desires of the client.

Team Building Retreats:

Can be as close to civilization or remote as desired. We have several possible venues within an hour of Denver.

Survival Clinics:

Our staff can provide daytime training in a variety of survival, navigation, and basic wilderness medicine at a pre-determined location. We provide the materials and you provide the desire to learn.

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