Military Preparation Courses

Whether you have just enlisted and are waiting to attend basic training, whether you are awaiting your deployment orders or whether you are getting prepared to endure the horrors of a Special Operations selection process, we have a physical training program that can be tailored to suit your needs. Unlike most gym providers who will take your money then mail you a copy of their specific program for you to work out alone, you will actually meet with your Rogue instructors who will put you through the necessary rigors of our training programs to truly prepare you for your upcoming challenges.

The focus of our courses are to ensure that you hit the ground running when your quest begins. We make no guarantees to the success of your endeavors but we will do our utmost to provide you with the necessary tools that can hopefully bring success. Not only do we train the body, we train the mind and spirit which become your foundation when fatigue strikes. Intensities vary. This will depend on your current fitness level and your specific goals and aspirations. The Special Operation selection readiness program will obviously differ from our basic training program.

Although a large focus is placed on physical conditioning, the courses also incorporate educational elements that are pertinent to the specific branch that you are trying to enlist.  Note “inspections” (clothing and kit) are commonplace. These elements as well as building self confidence and self reliance help reduce the “shock factor” when you arrive at your chosen destination. There are several phases of training, each one building on the last. You can sign up for one or all.  For example, phase 1 covers “the basics” and provides a good foundation. Phase 4 covers more indepth information/weapons handling etc. Each phase comprises of 10 hours “face time” with your instructors that are broken down into varying combinations of 2,3 and 4 hour time slots.

Complete commitment is a requirement for these courses, and participants can expect to work out once, twice, three times per day, all the way up to 24 hour nonstop efforts (SF Selection). Total body physical proficiency in the military is a precursor to personal survival. Here at Rogue we feel that many are ill-prepared.

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