Swift Water Adventure

Swift Water Adventure:

Our Swift Water Adventure course is designed to provide you and your co-workers with the skills necessary to safely navigate and survive swift water. This course culminates with a fun yet challenging group excursion down a section of class II/class III river where utilization of all the skills learned will be executed. You may ask yourself “what does that have to do with team building?” Here at Rogue we feel that facing fears and overcoming REAL hazards is the best way to create and cement strong bonds between individuals. It is our non conventional initiatives that separate us from the competition.  The river is a relentless and unempathetic force. In order to successfully navigate it, you will need intense collaboration between you and your colleagues.

This course will involve both classroom and outdoor sessions that cover the following topics:

  •  Equipment
  •  River Hydrology
  •  Defensive and offensive swim tactics
  •  Ferry gliding
  •  Upstream/ Downstream Hazards
  •  Use of Throw lines
  •  Eddying in/out and eddy lines.

The skills portion of this package will be divided up into 2 separate 90 minute slots. The day of the final river excursion can remain flexible to meet the demands of the client.


The final “river excursion” challenge is 2.3 kilometers long and takes place on a section of the South Platte River just west of Strontia Springs reservoir.

Rogue Consulting Group LLC will come to your company’s headquarters and provide the training on-site. Course scheduling for the training days and final challenge will be determined on a case by case basis that best meets the client’s needs. Please note that this is a physically demanding course.

Rogue will provide all the necessary safety equipment for this event and it is required that all participants have the ability to swim prior to enrollment.

Please contact us to schedule an event or get further details and program pricing.

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