Problem Solving and Table Top Initiatives

Here at Rogue we can come to your place of work and supply your employees and co-workers with a unique and fun leadership / team building day. Our initiatives utilize unconventional training models that are comprised of situations that require unique approaches to logistics, resource management, risk management and direct leadership.

In many day to day work settings it may be difficult to assess employee strengths and weaknesses as they relate to leadership and advancement potential. Rogue’s experiential training and assessment programs will provide employers with a means of assessing and developing their employees in environments that are difficult to replicate. These situations are practical real world scenarios in which the employees are managing and participating in complicated events. Every event is tailored to a specific group of employees and is managed by Rogue’s professional staff and a diverse group of role players.Typically these events are usually half to full day programs. Half-day programs usually comprise of two problem solving / table top initiatives while our full day programs usually comprise of four problem solving/table top initiatives. The number of initiatives is usually determined by their complexity. We can tailor the program to suit your needs so please contact us with any questions that you have. Each initiative will have subsequent debrief time upon completion and will be guided by our expert facilitators who ensure that the events “takeaways” are understood and can be implemented by all.

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