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If you have never read one of our blogs and don’t have the inclination to do so, no worries, but I urge you to spend 10 minutes of your day reading this one. It will be the most productive 10 minutes spent of your entire day, maybe even your entire life. Straight up!

After another period in the blogging wilderness I have been inspired to write an article due to two things that I have recently been exposed to. Firstly, a good friend of mine, Colleen Patrice, recently finished her first book in the series of 4 and sent it to me as a parting gift (she is heading for warmer climes). The series of books is called “Lighten your Toxic Load” the first edition being named “Animal, Vegetable, Criminal”. Colleen spent years researching and digging through the quagmire of public information out there that exposes how corporate greed and strategies are designed to keep you from the truth about the current command and control of our food system and how simply put, YOU, are ingesting toxic products. Her discoveries are eyebrow rising to say the least. You honestly have to read it to believe it. Before you think that this blog is solely for the purpose of plugging my friend’s book, then that is your prerogative, but know that it is only my intention to share what I know and have come to learn with a wider audience for the common good. If you don’t check out the information, then feel free to bury your head back in the sand and call yourself an ostrich.

Secondly, just last night, I saw a program on PBS called “Seeds of Death” which was produced by Dr. Gary Null. This is an excellent documentary about GMO foods and how they negatively affect our health, our ecosystem and our environment; even to the point of actually changing our own DNA if we consume GM food. I am well versed in health and nutrition and have been working with clients from all walks of life for decades, but these two sources of information still had the capacity to blow my mind and I therefore encourage you to check them out.

Animal, Vegetable, CriminaI. ISBN#9780990473909

You can see the documentary on Seeds of Death at –

Here are some statistics for you to think about, the percentages of which err on the conservative side:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) which is an independently funded body, so are less likely to have been bought off by big agricultural companies like Cargill and Monsanto, calculate that approximately 93% of soybean, 95% of sugar beets and 88% of corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified (GM). Did you also know that approximately 79% of salad oil comes from GM soybean and 55% of sugar comes from GM sugar beets? EWG calculated that the average American consumes approximately 68 lbs of GM sugar beet, 58 pounds of GM corn syrup and 38 pounds of GM soybean oil per year. Holy shit!! Thankfully my diet, the diet of my immediate family and my clients do not fall under that statistical blanket. Does yours? No wonder there is such an increase in chronic disease and consumption of pharmaceutical drugs to combat them. Oh, by the way, just for you to know, Big Agricultural companies and Big Pharmaceutical companies are in bed together so in short, they feed you food that makes you sick on the one hand then sell you drugs that try to fix it on the other. WTF!!!!!

I could write reams and reams on the negative effects of growing and eating GM foods and the dirty/smoke screen tactics of big money corporations to get GM foods onto our supermarket shelves, but it would simply be reinventing the wheel – please reference my friend’s book and/ or the Seeds of Death documentary for expert in depth analysis.

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If not then simply check out the links and information I provided here and share it with everyone you know, or at the very least, everyone you care about.

Have a great week.


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