RCG Presents The Battle Ready Fitness One-Month Challenge

Rogue Consulting Group Presents the Battle Ready Fitness One-Month Challenge


We at Rogue Consulting Group live by the ethos of always finding ways to get better. One of my favorite sayings is “You are either getting better or worse, you are never staying that same. Make the choice to get better every day”. The idea for the Battle Ready Fitness One-Month Challenge came from Jon, Rhod and John looking for ways to constantly challenge ourselves personally. We thought that it would be fun and a great way to see what we do, plus build another BRF community supportive offering. With that in mind, we have decided to pull back the curtains into our personal world and create quarterly a One Month Challenge so that our Battle Ready Fitness warriors can see, and better yet join in with us if interested. This will include a simple workout to complete daily and we will include a nutrition element as well.

Whether you chose to take on the challenge is your decision. However, if you do join in, we want to create a fun community where people can compare results and support each other. We will post this on the RCG Facebook page and we welcome you to post your comments, challenges, successes etc. Optional – Post before and after pictures, and/or your stats.



Here is the first Challenge (Beginning September 1 – Sept 31)




1. No Alcohol


2. Eat 6 meals daily (Do not miss a meal)


3. Every day complete the following exercises/reps:


10 Supermans (10-second holds) – Lying on your stomach, raise your arms and legs off the ground.

20 V-ups – Lying on your back raise your upper torso and legs up until you form a pike or “V” position balancing on your butt.

30 Push-ups

40 Bodyweight Squats


4. Twice a week (after a 5 minute warm up) run a mapped 1-mile run for time (followed by a 5 minute cool down) with the goal of setting a new PR every week. This is all about commitment to the effort. Everyday we see people mindlessly running without making any effort. This is not what we are shooting for. You should be going balls-to-the-wall!!


For your 6 meals a day, you will use the following foods only. We are not providing meal plans since we don’t know what preparations you like however, some suggestions are protein shakes, smoothies, you can prepare the proteins once a week and portion it out in Tupperware then freeze it so you have ready meals, salads etc. Get creative!!


Shopping list for the month

Organic Eggs

Organic Chicken Breasts

Organic Pork Tenderloin

Bag of baby kale and spinach

5 Raw Veggies of your choice

Organic Frozen Berries (any types


Protein Powder (Whey with nothing added)

Bulk raw nuts and dried fruit (snacks)


Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Greek Yogurt

Almond Milk or Skim Milk

Brown Rice

Sweet Potatoes

Low sodium beans


Jon will be doing this even though he will be traveling 3-weeks during September so he will need your support!


Good luck!

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