Step Off The Line


Step Off The Line

By Jon-

One of the many exercises we do with our Leadership and Team Development clients is an exercise that tests the group’s courage and willingness to share something very personal about themselves with their team. The evolution is called the line game. We have the team stand in a line in complete silence, shoulder to shoulder and we ask a series of questions to the group. These questions can be funny, deadly serious, personal, maybe even embarrassing. We ask those who have ever experienced “said question” to take one step forward off the line. The group can look right and left but say nothing – make no sound at all. This evolution is incredibly powerful and revealing. Not everyone will step off the line. It not only takes a lot of courage to step forward in front of your peers (some that may not even know you), especially when the question reveals something very personal about you, but it also creates an opportunity for those on your team to discover that they may share similar experiences with you. It creates personal interest in one another and builds bonds. It creates dialogue long after the exercise takes place.

I want to focus on the courage element of this exercise. By stepping off the line, one is overcoming fears. He/she is exposing themselves to possible judgment, embarrassment, and humiliation, and the fear that comes with putting yourself out there. However, what actually occurs are amazing moments of pride, esprit de corps and support. You will see people come together and continue to share their experiences. It is inspiring to see those who were terrified to expose a personal event in their life to others and find that they are not alone. There are people that can relate and offer understanding and appreciation. Those fears are blown away and trust is created.

I think that the step off the line exercise is a great metaphor for life. If we all (myself included) were willing more often to “step off the line” in our daily life, expose our fears and weaknesses, we would find great reward. This can apply at work (where trust and true bond is lacking), at home (where honesty and being open is critical for relationship success), and in our outdoor adventures and travel (where nothing risked is nothing gained).

Building community one person and one team at a time is one of our philosophies at Rogue Consulting Group. We instill this in everything we do, from our Team and Leadership programs to our Battle Ready Fitness programs. Come and experience what it is like to be part of the Rogue Consulting Group community. Share what we offer with those you know.

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