Trust – The Common Denominator

Trust – The Common Denominator

From Rhod:

As human beings we all require trust to survive. We are not good at everything, so it is imperative we surround ourselves with people who believe what we believe, amplify our strengths and make up for our shortcomings. The one key factor that determines who we choose to be in our inner circle is trust. Please don’t mistake trust for reliability either. If I give someone a list of tasks to complete by a certain deadline and they complete said tasks by said deadline that doesn’t automatically qualify them for the trust card. That makes them reliable, but not necessarily trustworthy.

Human beings are social creatures by nature. It is a set of values and a common belief in those values that creates country, culture, community and company. Remarkable things happen when you surround yourself with people who believe what you believe. One such scenario that highlights the concept of complete trust was the stand -off between 3 Massai warriors and a pride of lions that had just made a fresh kill. The 3 Massai warriors successfully chased off the pride of Lions to secure part of the fresh kill for themselves. In my opinion, 3 men is certainly not enough to take on an entire pride of lions (especially with a fresh kill), but the tribesmen had total belief in their power as a unit to confront the challenge and come out of that scenario unscathed. To pull off such a feat there must be zero doubt in your mind that you and the people who stand beside you will be successful in your quest. So much so, that the power it generates is literally tangible to one of the most feared predators on the planet – you can check out the video here

With trust we are more likely to try things that we wouldn’t necessarily do alone. If we fail, if we fall, we know (not think) that those people in our inner circle of trust will extend their hand and help us overcome said obstacles. So how do you build this trust? Many people have many theories, but here at Rogue Consulting Group we believe that you have to experience a situation with others that induces a certain amount of stress which can take the form of mental, physical, psychological, emotional or a combination of all. It is only by experiencing failure or hardship and then have someone extend their hand will you truly know that they have your back. In today’s technological climate where “real” human to human interaction is going the way of the dinosaur I feel it is more imperative now than ever. Rogue Consulting Group has developed a course that allows you to experience what I talk of above. We are currently seeking CEO’S and successful entrepreneurs in the Denver Metro area to take part in one of these courses pro bono – so, if you are one of the above, or know someone who is, please contact us via our website at

Come and experience what we have to offer, then go out and share that with those in your inner circle whether at home or in work.

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