The Family as a Team

The Family as a Team

From John:

I’m John (with an “H”) and although I have been a part of Rogue Consulting Group since its inception, I have been deployed in Afghanistan with the military for the better part of a year.  I have been in the military for over a decade now and have served on four continents.   Before I joined the military, I was active in a mountain search and rescue team and was a district manager for the world’s largest wood preserving company.  The events of September 11 changed everything for me and at thirty-one years old, I decided to join the military.  I have been fortunate enough to receive some of the world’s best training and have served this country with some truly amazing and awe inspiring individuals.  However, the most remarkable people I know are in my own family.

Being away for so long has brought into sharp focus so many things, which I think so many of us take for granted. First of all, it has made me so appreciative of this great country in which we live. I feel so grateful to call the beautiful state of Colorado my home. More importantly, it has made me truly realize what a wonderful family I have. I am so blessed to have such an understanding and amazing wife. It is said that the hardest job in the military is being a military spouse and I believe this couldn’t be truer. She is always supportive and understanding no matter what arises, and believe me, with the military, nothing is ever certain. While I’m away she does an absolutely amazing job of running a household and making sure our fifteen year old son is staying on track and is always on time to his many sporting events and activities, all the while managing her own career.

However, I think she would be the first to admit it is a team effort. As much as I can when I’m away, I try to make at least small contributions. Whether it is financial support, talking with our son, or just listening to the problems the day has brought, I always try to be a part of our family “team”. My wife says that our family team is successful when we trust each other, communicate openly, concede to our family’s wishes some of the time (even when we don’t want to!), give 110% to the success of the family and put others in the family first.

Not only do I try to live by this sage advice with my family, I try to translate it to my military career. I work in small teams, sometimes in a very hostile environments, and if we lack trust in our teammates, can’t communicate openly or don’t give 110% of ourselves, it can be detrimental to mission success and at worst our very lives! I’m sure most of you have observed these same aspects in your personal and professional lives. You might be experiencing the results of some of these critical factors of teamwork missing in your professional environment as you read this.

We here at Rogue can help. We at Rogue have an eclectic and diverse set of skills that we use in our team building events. All of the professionals at Rogue have special operations military experience along with law enforcement, medical, mountaineering and personal training expertise that converge to bring you a truly unique and effective team building experience.  Our exclusive team building events will bring any team together to work as a more cohesive and operative unit (and you’ll have a lot fun and challenging moments along the way!).  Sign up for one of our teambuilding events and let us show you how we differ from everyone else.

Working as a team is so vital to my family and career that I cannot overstate the impact it has had in every aspect of my life. Thanks again to my wonderful son and amazing wife for being so supportive and strong, making my time away just a little more bearable.

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