Why our Nutrition program is different

Why our Nutrition program is different.

From Rhod:

We haven’t written a book, we haven’t got any specified meal plans for you to follow. So why have our clients had so much success?

Simple, we base your caloric intake on proven mathematical equations/ratios and base our whole ethos of nutrition around keeping it simple, encouraging variety, eating nutritionally dense foods, sustainability (it’s not a diet) and basing it on input versus output.

Whether you are on a “see” food (not a typo – what I mean by this is if you see food you eat it), vegetarian, vegan, paleo, pescatarian, gluten free…..whatever……… our program has something to offer. I want to take this opportunity to iterate that this is NOT a diet. People who enroll in our program inevitably lose weight and gain lean tissue, but know that they ALL complain at one point or another that they feel like all they do is eat, which is the complete antithesis to the common perception of diets and weight loss. It is Jon’s and my goal to educate you throughout the process, so that when it’s over you have all the tools and experience necessary to never seek out a diet book again. If you are still a doubting Thomas then please check out some of the testimonials we have on our website – www.rogueconsultinggroup.com under the home tab then testimonials. To date we have had 100% success with all of our clients and it is because we help our clients make a lifestyle change. It becomes normal behavior.

Like our leadership and team building courses, the nutrition program is a “learn by doing” not “by us telling” philosophy.  Please don’t misinterpret this as “well if they don’t tell me how I am supposed to know?” We check your food logs and provide you feedback on what to add, what to remove and present guidelines on achieving optimum nutrition for your personal health and wellness goals. Change happens gradually, not overnight and we are there to help instigate that change and guide you accordingly. You do all of the heavy lifting which in turn cements a nutritionally sound baseline that has ultimately been created by yourself yet guided by us.

If you‘re interested in finding out more about our nutrition program please contact us at team@rogueconsultinggroup.com.

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