Physical Challenges – A Superior Medium for Building Strong Teams and Finding Leadership in Sometimes Surprising Places.

Physical Challenges – A Superior Medium for Building Strong Teams and Finding Leadership in Sometimes Surprising Places.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”…. Henry Ford

From Rhod:

Here at Rogue you know that physicality plays a big role in what we do, and over the years we have found this medium to still be the greatest catalyst in building camaraderie, strong teams and finding emerging leaders while strengthening current leaders. On the surface, a lot of the courses we offer seem to the uninitiated like somewhat of an uncomfortable excursion in an outdoor environment that has little to do with improving working relationships or locating and developing leadership qualities; I would argue the contrary and be as bold as saying that it has everything to do with improving working relationships and developing leadership qualities.

Being put in situations that have a physical component can create stress, confusion, and an elevated heart rate. This changes the way one thinks, makes decisions, and reacts with others. When most companies are put through leadership and team building trainings, they typically sit around a conference table and read materials that tell them how to act or behave in certain situations. Of course, this results in most participants tuning everything out and there is no real experience that creates an environment where they are “tested”. This is a huge waste of money and time.

We have seen time and again, our Rogue Consulting Group programs get immediate results, not by us talking, but by our clients being put through an experience where their strengths and limitations are exposed. Without that realization and experience, no growth can occur.

“Sometimes when people are under stress, they hate to think, and it’s the time when they most need to think” .. William J. Clinton.

Due to the unconventional nature of our courses, everybody involved begins at the same starting point – no one person has the upper hand or is seen to be more superior than the other. We design our programs this way intentionally. Initiating and communicating individual strengths that will help overcome an obscure set objective is the beginning of the gelling process. Creating a level playing field is fundamental in gaining/earning respect from your counterparts. The “unknown” factor allows people’s true characters and resultant quality traits within those characters to surface. No one person will have all the answers. Only a collaborative effort will help you achieve the end goal. This in turn allows you to see and experience elements of people in your team that up until that point may have been hidden from view.

It has been proven that investments in human experiences rather than monetary or materialistic rewards have a far greater impact on us.

Please don’t be intimidated by what we offer. All our courses are adapted to the capacity of the group as a whole. Your safety and individual/team development are at the core of what we do and there is nothing that we would do to jeopardize that. Extending the envelope of common goals, ideas and teachings is something that all our founders are passionate about. We truly feel there is much to be gained by participating in one of the courses that we offer. Check out the rock climbing/rappelling course, the mountain ascent program, the survival challenge program or the swift water adventure for a truly unique experience for you and/or your team. Also keep an eye out for our less formal “conquer your fears” event series coming up in the early summer.

Expand your boundary of relative comfort and invest in something that challenges the status quo. As Jon put it, “you are either getting better or getting worse”. We would love to help facilitate this journey.

Have a great week!

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