Hammer Those Intervals!!!

Hammer Those Intervals!!!

By Jon-


I travel a lot with my job. Spending time in hotels (cheap hotels where there is rarely exercise equipment) is not the most effective way to maintain a fitness regime.  However, one thing I can count on no matter where I am is running and plyometric interval training.

Intervals are the best way to burn calories quickly. It takes much less time than a traditional workout, you don’t need special equipment, and it takes the monotony out of normal workouts. You will see a huge increase in your aerobic capacity.  It is all about intensity. If you give everything you have for 25 -30 minutes, you can be completely spent and get all the benefits!

Here is my travel workout suggestion:


Warm up 5-10 minutes (an moderate jog pace)

Find a hill, sprint to the top (all out pace), bear crawl back down, and do 10 burpees, 10 sit-ups and 20 jumping jacks. Do this with perfect form and not slowing down.

Rest 20 seconds

Repeat this 20 time 

Run 1.5 miles at a decent pace and every 30 seconds sprint!

Cool down and stretch.


This is super effective if you give it your all and can be done almost anywhere and in any conditions!


The team at Rogue Consulting Group wants to hear about your travel workout routine. Share it with us by commenting on our website or on the RCG Facebook page.

Safe and healthy travels!!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I love intervals but am always at a loss when I’m trying to work out alone=-)

  2. I am a born again runner as well. I love it! Although I am amniig to break 1 hour on a 12 km run this Sunday, so I am not quite in the same league as you. Marathon Runner. Dessert Lover. Wife. Mom. Lawyer. Business Owner. Blogger. You sound like a super-mom! I’m sure you will get the time you want on your marathon. Good luck and god speed!

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