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I was having writers block for days when thinking what I wanted to write about for this week’s blog. Nothing came. So, I started to do some Internet research on Leadership and Team-Building in the hopes that I would find some inspiration. I read blogs, read articles and watched endless video clips to see what would move me to write.

This was a struggle…….

We often write about our takes on Leadership and what it is to be part a Team. These are interesting and complex subjects. Leadership, for example is an overlap of many things rather than a commodity, a combination of the more basic traits of developed intelligence, self-confidence leavened by humility, poise in public, and interest in other human beings. Some of these parts can be modeled, some can be taught in the classroom, but many just have to be picked up—that is, if the person even wants to pick them up.

Also, being a leader is not always a good thing. History consists of many charismatic leaders who devastated the people or institutions they led. Adolf Hitler’s informal title Der Fuehrer means “The Leader.” And yet we still don’t allow for the fact that sometimes the best leadership consists of maintaining the status quo, not striking off in new directions.

Being part of a Team is also often a confusing topic since it can be open to broad interpretation and not everyone sees benefit from being part of one. Needless to say, my brain was stuck…….

Nothing came to me, so I went to bed last night and woke up in the middle of the night with a random string of thought that led me to the word “Achievement”.


Achievement is a term for a noteworthy act that often comes from focused effort and through overcoming odds.

We all strive for achievement in our lives. It is a term with a very positive connotation. Achievement comes in many forms. It could be through education, work, and health or in a relationship. It can come from working your ass off to get a promotion, teaching your daughter or son to whistle, ride a bike or just put their dishes in the dishwasher.

At Rogue Consulting Group, we are incredibly lucky to witness in our business many occurrences of personal achievement. We see it every day. Through our nutrition programs we have seen our clients responsibly and sustainably reach their weight-loss goal while achieving a new standard of how to eat.  The workouts we create for our training clients are often brutally challenging, yet they are always designed with safety, proper form and creativity as a focus. This allows our clients to achieve fitness levels that they never knew they could reach.

Finally, we have had the benefit of seeing the greatest amount of achievement through our corporate leadership and team building programs. These programs are personalized and focused on the experience. We don’t tell people what to do, but instead create an environment for each person to learn through their own experience. We create an environment for both individuals and groups to have that “holy crap” moment where change occurs and achievement is attained.


We are surrounded by achievement. At the core of everyone is the desire to achieve goals and we feel very blessed to be able to be a small part of that process.

If we can help you to “achieve” your next goal, or are willing to share what we do with others, please contact us at

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  1. Raza Prince

    Hey Jon,

    Welcome home Jon. Team work and communication is key in whatever walk of life that you are
    in. It is only when you sometimes un-willfully put yourself in that situation is when you see
    “The Cut of your Jib”- who you really are!
    Honesty and integrity are the fundamentals amongst others which I feel is sometimes forgotten.
    I have had the honour of working with instructors from Rogue and would like to second your blog.
    True strength comes from the heart and remains strong if supported by family, friends and colleagues
    .I would recommend what Rogue offers to all, I am travelling from the UK with my son to again
    Experience what Rogue offers……we can’t wait.

    Take care


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