Follow Through To Completion

Follow Through To Completion:


From Jon


It’s 2014 and this is our first opportunity to blog in the New Year. There are numerous blogs out there that talk about getting a “fresh start”, “taking a new challenge”, “goals for the New Year” and “resolutions”. Here at Rogue Consulting Group (RCG), we threw out in December the 30-30-30 Challenge. 30 days completing 30 reps of 30 exercises. We want to hear from you? Did you complete it? If not, what stopped you from completing it? I know of only one person that completed it.  I may be wrong, but my guess is that there are no others that followed through. What is it that gets in the way for so many when it comes to following through to completion?


Let me tell you about the one person that I know who completed it. Her name is Emily and she is a supporter of what we do and our reasoning for doing them. She epitomizes what it is to be dedicated. Emily is dedicated to her family, her job, and embraces a healthy/fit lifestyle. She is not afraid to suffer in order to achieve her goals. Some background on Emily – she was a professional bike racer for years racing at the highest levels, so she understands what it takes to get to the top. She knows how to endure and even embrace the pain and suffering that comes from spending endless hours on the bike. Emily also understands that it takes commitment, a focused plan, organization, discipline and sacrifice to achieve what you set out to accomplish.


Even now, years since she retired from racing, working full-time, and with a husband and 2 year-old at home, she finds time to compete within herself. Using challenges like the 30-30-30, she is able to create that feeling of competition, pressure, pain and achievement that once came from racing.


I am not saying that you need to be a former athlete to be successful when it comes to challenging yourself to be better. As a matter of fact, there is no particular pedigree that is more successful than the other. I bring up Emily for a couple of reasons. First, to my knowledge, she is the only one to complete this challenge. Second, her racing career has taught her to embrace some temporary suffering and not to fear a fight. Third, and what is most important in my opinion, is that Emily creates habit around challenges that keep her fit and healthy. She and her whole family make it a priority. It’s “what they do” – a lifestyle. Other things are put aside so she can complete her workouts and accomplish what she sets out to do.


With words like “resolutions, intentions, fresh start, and goals” being thrown around so much lately, realize that without action and follow-through they are just words.Use Emily as an example, take on a challenge, see it through and make fitness a lifestyle.


We at RCG are all about helping you turn intention into action. Keep an eye out for our announcements in the next few weeks about the Rogue Winter Workouts and “challenge your fear series”. In addition, we have personal training and nutrition programs ready for you. This year, email us at We look forward to seeing you all during 2014.




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