The Rogue 30-30-30 Challenge

The Rogue 30-30-30 Challenge

Invite friends and family to participate. Working out as a group helps you keep each other motivated and accountable!

Directions: Begin your challenge December 1, 2013.  Commit to complete the following exercises in one go. Push yourself as hard as possible while maintaining proper form. A rep with shitty form is worthless, do it right or do it again!

Also, make a commitment to eating clean for the duration of the 30 days. (If you need help with nutrition, we offer a nutrition program fully personalized to you, including measurements, weekly nutrition journal reviews and feedback for $200.00/month. Email us at

Good nutrition includes decreasing your alcohol intake. Make a 30-day commitment to reducing or eliminating alcohol.

Equipment needed:

Light dumbbells (I use 10 or 15lbs). You can substitute soup cans, bands, water jugs etc.

Heavy Dumbbells (I use 25lbs)

Adjust the weight throughout the month, as you get stronger.

Abbreviations: DB – Dumbbells, R&L=1 – Right and Left reps count as 1, ROM – Range of Motion.


Here are the 30 exercises: Do them in order and 30 repetitions (unless specified).


01. Jumping Jacks

02. Body-weight Squats (head up, back straight, feet flat on the ground – go as deep as you can)

03. Mountain Climbers R&L=1rep (Starting on your hands and knees, bring the left foot forward directly outside your left hand while straightening the right leg. Keeping the hands on the ground and core tight jump and switch legs. The left leg should now be extended behind the body with the right knee forward)

04. Sit –ups (arms crossed, feet flat on the ground)

05. DB Bicep Curls

06. Calf Raises (Full ROM) (Standing on a step, lower your heels below the level of the step, then raise all the way to your toes.)

07. DB Dead lifts (Start in a standing position, DB in hands to your sides, lower the arms and torso. Keep your legs slightly bent and reach the arms as close to the floor as possible. Then raise the torso back to a standing position.

08. Push-ups (touch your chest all the way to the ground, core tight, no sagging asses)

09. Lunges R+L=1rep (front knee never extends over your toes, maintain posture, keep weight over your hips, not your knee)

10. DB Shoulder Press (Hands go from your shoulder to full extension overhead)

11. Burpees (From a standing position, squat in a low position with hands on the floor, jump your feet back into a pushup position, complete a pushup, jump your feet back to a squatting position and jump in the air – that’s one)

12. Plank (for 30 seconds) (Elbows and toes. Core tight, maintain perfect alignment)

13. Box Jumps (you can use a bench, wall etc. – Land softly like a cat. You shouldn’t hear yourself land. Jump or step back to the ground)

14. Plank rows R&L=1 rep (From a plank position balancing your hands on your dumbbells and your feet fairly wide, raise your right dumbbell up to outside of your chest and return. Do this without rotating your hips outward)!

15. Standing DB Lateral Raises (Use you light DBs and raise them from your sides straight out until you are forming a cross. Keep you chest out and head up)

16. 30-yard sprint (Go all out! You only do one rep)

17. 30-yard Bear Crawl (crawl back for 30 yards on your hands and feet. You only do one rep)

18. Pike ups (lying on your back hands over your head, raise your legs and arms to meet each other in a pike position, then return. You are balancing at the top on your bum)

19. Right Side Plank – for 30 seconds (lying down roll to your R side, stack your feet and raise yourself on your right elbow with an engaged core. Maintain a straight line from the top of your head to your feet. No sagging)

20. Left Side Plank – for 30 seconds (same as #19 on the Left side)

21. Jump Tucks – (standing with knees slightly bent, jump as high as possible and bring your knees to your chest. Land softly with bent knees and go right up again)

22. Reverse Plank – for 30 seconds – (Same as a normal plank position, but your body is facing the sky, your hands are extended behind you and you are balancing on your hands and heels. Keep a straight body)

23. DB Tricep Kickbacks – (Bend at hips, keep your elbows pinned to your side and forearms perpendicular to the floor, extend your hand back to where they are parallel to the floor, then back. Do not swing the weight, slow and controlled)

24. Hand Stand against a wall for 30 seconds. – (You can substitute by just standing with heavy DBs overhead)

25. 180 degree Jump Squats – (Start in a low squat, jump up and turn 180 degrees in the air and land softly back into a low squat position)

26. Dips (full ROM, go all the way down and up)

27. Kettle Bell Swings – (Grab one heavy DB with both hands arms extended straight out from your body, shoulder height, squat down and lower the weight down between your legs (keeping your head up and back straight), drive up with your legs and raise the weight back up to shoulder height.

28. Russian Twists R&L=1rep – (Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet together and feet lifted a few inches off the ground. With the back at a 45-degree angle from the ground, move the arms from one side to another in a twisting motion while holding one dumbbell. Slow and steady is the key here. You can do this without a dumbbell as well to start)

29. Jump Scissors (From a bent knee position, jump as high as you can while crossing/scissoring your legs across and back before landing softly with knees bent)

30. Butt Kickers R&L=1 (Running in place, you need to kick your butt with your heel on each strike – This will loosen your quads and work your hamstrings all at once)


That’s it!!!!! Have fun and push to get better each day!


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