“Rogue – Our Unconventional Take”

“Rogue – Our Unconventional Take”

From Rhod:

Rogue – definition – “a person or thing that deviates from the standard variety”

Jon wrote in his blog last week how the Rogue’s implementation of a plan was based on military precision with a key accent being placed on a “Keep It Simple Stupid” (K.I.S.S) philosophy. After I read his article I started to think about how that translates to our Leadership/Team Development sessions and how ours compare and contrast to what is currently available on the market. After some significant research it dawned on me that no one else offers what we offer. If you think that building marshmallow towers, listening to 4 hours of power point presentation or sitting around a conference table for an hour talking about leadership and teamwork (or lack thereof) actually creates and highlights areas of teamwork and leadership in your workforce (strengths and weaknesses) I encourage you to seek out those companies that offer it (you can find some good facilitation points about the marshmallow tower on Ted Talks).

It is not my intention to downgrade the facilitation exercises that are currently in use within the consulting community; I am simply highlighting the fact that we do it a little differently here at Rogue. Our evolutions nearly always have a physical element to them and are based on what each of us have experienced in the real world. Each evolution is specifically designed around our client’s needs and within the first 5 minutes highlights the leadership and teamwork qualities (good and bad) of your team. We create an experience that is impactful, gets results quickly and is action oriented. There is a time and place to sit around a conference table and talk about specific issues that are going on within the ranks, but in my humble opinion people usually only mean half of what they say and it is therefore much better to judge only their actions.

We don’t have PhD’s in psychiatry or philosophy and we certainly don’t use the well-rehearsed, articulated vocabulary of Ms. Rosabeth Moss Canter. We know about teamwork and leadership because we have spent many years “in the trenches”. We have lead men and women in potentially life threatening situations across an array of different scenarios and have survived and learned from those experiences. This to me is as valuable, if not more valuable, than having 3 letters behind our names (no offense to my Doctor friends). We devise evolutions that are typically outside of your relative comfort zone and call it like it is.

If you are looking for a team building/leadership experience that is a non-traditional then please contact us at: team@rogueconsultinggroup.com

This will be RCG’s last blog for 2013. Enjoy your family, be safe and get outside as much as possible. Please share with us any topics you would like to see us address. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in 2014.

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