Injury Rehab

Injury Rehab

From Jon

In an earlier blog, Rhodri wrote about observations he made while watching his infant daughter move. He talked about how she naturally executes perfect squat movements without ever having to be taught to do so. She just does it. He also talked about how we somehow forget how (or lose the ability) to move functionally over time. This got me thinking about my family.

I have been taking care of my 74-year-old father over the last year. He has always been a very active and athletic individual. Over the last four years my father has had to endure a number of surgeries. Unfortunately, he elected to have these surgeries very close together, which did not allow him the necessary physical therapy time to rebuild his strength to a level that would prepare him for the next procedure. Also, with so much time spent on his back and sitting in order to heal, his activity level went from very active to very inactive. His range of motion decreased, as did his lateral mobility. To protect one injured area, he would overcompensate and lead to an injury on the opposite area of his body. Ultimately, this affected his balance, his stamina and led to a downward trend in his overall health.

As hard as it is to watch my father struggling with his injuries, I have seen these rehab mistakes made so many times by people of all ages. Of course as we age, we lose flexibility, muscle mass, our joints tend to break down and our activity tends to decrease.

Now, from time to time we all have to overcome injuries. Coming from a medical background, I know the importance of physical therapy. I also know that it can be boring, it can feel as though you are not making any progress or that the small movements that are required can feel as though it is a waste of time.

Injury rehabilitation requires a solid plan, and a focused dedication to the process. It is not a quick fix. Done correctly, it can take months and even years to get you back to where you want to be. Physical Rehabilitation has to be taken as seriously. It is a full time job. It takes 100% commitment.

The team at Rogue Consulting Group works with many individuals that are coming off an injury. Our approach is comprehensive and we set very realistic expectations before taking on clients. We expect nothing but our client’s total focus and dedication just as we expect the same from ourselves. Although we are not physical therapists we can help implement or design a program that can be tailored to an individuals needs.

Other tips for rehab as well as injury prevention:

  • Performing short workouts and small range-of-motion movements require the same iron will and dedication as longer, more comprehensive movements and workouts.
  • Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. The more active you can be the better.
  • A good mental attitude is critical for a successful physical rehabilitation.

Rogue Consulting Group can help you get back on your feet and back in the game of life. Contact us at

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