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Basic Nutrition Guideline:

From Rhod:

I could fill your day by having you read what I have to say about what and when to eat, talk about the Krebs Cycle, Glycemic Index /Glycemic Load and how certain foods are processed in the body. I am going to forgo that and break it down to six simple steps. If you would like to work with us here at Rogue and purchase an individualized nutritional package where we implement daily caloric plans based on your individual needs, then please click the link at the end of this particular blog to request further details. If that doesn’t interest you then follow the 6 steps below. Small changes often equal one big change in the long run. At Rogue, our philosophy when it comes to nutrition is based around one basic principle – K.I.S.S. – keep it simple stupid – if you don’t, you are less likely to follow the protocols.


Always eat 6 times per day. Your 3 staples (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and three healthy snacks in between those meals.  It will help stabilize your blood glucose throughout the day and help maintain an elevated metabolic rate.


Depending on output your daily meal plan should comprise of 3 parts carbs, 2 parts protein and one part fat.


You cannot gain muscle if you are consistently on a negative calorie diet. Conversely you cannot lose weight if you are on a positive calorie diet. Therefore you should alternate daily caloric intake (DCI) based on your daily activity level. More physical output means more calories. Less physical output equals fewer calories.


It is virtually impossible to get all the nutrients you need for optimal nutrition through diet alone. More so in today’s climate where food is mass-produced and doesn’t hold the nutritional value that the same foods 50 years ago did (soil depletion, over processing, overcooking, toxins etc.). Either grow your own food and raise your own animals for slaughter or take a good quality multi-vitamin supplement and buy organic if you can afford it.


Eat within a 30-minute time window of waking up. This will ensure maximum effect of raising metabolic rate right out of the gate. Also, do not eat 2 hours prior to hitting the rack.


If 80-90% of your diet comprises of nutrient dense foods, then you should allow yourself some luxuries such as chocolate, beer or whatever is your “thing”.  Life after all is to be enjoyed. I don’t know about you, but if I made a pact with myself that from this day forward no beer would pass my lips, two things would happen. First, I would tell myself that sounds absolutely miserable. Second, I would fail. Recognizing that “nice foods” are available and should be enjoyed is key to having success in any diet – it’s the moderation of those foods that most people have the greatest issue with.

That’s it. I told you I would try and keep it simple.

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  1. Caroline Smith

    Hi, Rhod. Thanks for your very positive postings. I find it helpful to be reminded and encouraged to attend to the basics. One has to start somewhere!

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