Are You Getting Better Or Worse?

Are You Getting Better Or Worse?

From Jon:


I was talking to a buddy of mine who is currently training for a big race coming up next year. He is one of those people that seems to always be checking off major accomplishments from his bucket list – big mountain climbs, cool vacations, learning another language or setting a new PR.

I asked how he managed to get it all done? He simply stated, “You are either getting better or getting worse, you are never staying the same. I make an effort each day to get better”.

I think this a great way to approach everything we do. From the way we deal with our personal relationships, work life and our approach to our overall mental and physical health.

Of course, this approach is only philosophical until it’s put into action. For those who know us at Rogue Consulting Group, you know our motto is spelled out in a simple equation “Words – Action = zero”. Action is all that matters!  Keeping that in mind, you need a plan of action if you want to implement the “getting better” approach.

I am a big believer in periodic self-reflection/review. Taking stock of ones decisions and actions on a regular basis is critical to success in anything we do. This is not just a quick stream of thought while dozing off to sleep at bedtime. I am talking about sitting down with a pen and paper, breaking down all the areas (i.e. family, work, fitness etc.), then list whether you feel you are getting better or worse and what ACTIONS you have taken that have led you to where you are currently. Next, list what positive ACTIONS you can take to get better. This list should be kept with you and reviewed often. Keep yourself accountable! Ensure that you are taking the actions on the list, check them off as you complete them, and revise them if they don’t lead to positive results.

When we work with our corporate clients, we emphasize this process. It produces significant changes to individuals and groups alike.

Give it a shot! Remember, you are either getting better, or getting worse.

If you or your company struggles with answering this question, or has difficulty with implementing target goals, we at Rogue Consulting Group can help facilitate that process. Please contact us at:

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