What Do Sailing And Tech Companies Have In Common? Lessons Learned!



What Do Sailing And Tech Companies Have In Common? Lessons Learned

I have been captivated lately by an event that some of you probably have never seen and possibly never even heard of. This event is the America’s Cup. This sailing regatta claims the oldest trophy in sport. Now, I get the fact that many of you might equate sailing with old, rich, white guys sipping gin and tonics and wearing blue blazers. Touche’! Also, the thought of watching sailing might make you want to jab your eyes out instead. Well, take my advice and check out the new America’s Cup races (you can check out the first four races on YouTube). You will be blown away. The new boats are huge, incredibly fast (over 50mph), and incredibly dangerous. This sport blends cutting-edge technology and ridiculously efficient human teamwork.

In the midst of watching all of this sailing, Rogue Consulting Group was hired to run one of our team-building programs for a local tech company. It was a great event and we worked with a really interesting and talented group of people. They are a small but growing company that is struggling with how to manage their growth while preserving the environment of collaboration, community and creativity that got them to where they are today. During the evolution debrief, we discussed in detail their current challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges as they grow, expand and add new team members.

Before you say WTF Jon? Where are you going with this? I’ll make my connection..

In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than recognizing lessons learned or creating takeaways from any experience and applying them to future actions.

Watching the America’s Cup, what stands out the most to me is how the both teams have to constantly overcome different challenges from weather conditions, winds speeds, currents, and the ever-changing tactics of the opposing team. These adjustments are made on the fly, as well as applying lessons learned from the previous races. Each team has a set plan starting out but when things change, they have to be able to quickly extract the lessons learned and be agile enough to react quickly and decisively as individuals and as a team. This applies equally to those in a corporate environment. In the business world, challenges come from changing economic conditions, rapidly evolving technology, client needs and even personality conflicts. Lessons can present themselves over time or very quickly, so it is critical that everyone on the team is in a state of reflection and awareness so they can learn from them and apply them quickly and effectively.

If you have a chance, check out the America’s Cup. Focus on their ability to learn, react and apply. Is this how your team at work operates? Let us know by sending us a message on our website or on our FB page. If your team needs some help, pass our information to your CEO or team leader. We would love to work with you. Check out our Rogue Consulting Group team-building and leadership programs. 



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