What Do I Really Need!!!!

What Do I Really Need!!!!

I was at a huge national trade show this last week. Its focus was all-things-bicycling. There were amazing bikes and cool gear. It had the newest gadgets, lights and clothing. It was overwhelming to say the least. I am not throwing my “holier-than” card into the ring because I can be a total gear hound myself. However, they had a section in the basement that was a fitness expo. I took some time away from the madness to check out the smaller showcase. What I found shocked me..

Of all the fitness products I checked out (both equipment and nutrition) there was only one company that sold anything purely natural! No person spoke about the benefits of eating real food, just how much you would perform better with their supplement or synthetic “enhanced” nutrition powder. Not once did someone say “This machine or workout contraption is of great use IF you are trapped in your house by 30 feet of snow, otherwise go outside and shovel for the same benefit”.

Now, those of us at Rogue Consulting come from a bit of a minimalist background when it comes to fitness and health. That may be different from others and I am not judging those that love to have the latest and greatest. What strikes me the most is the absolute conviction of some that think that it’s the latest and greatest that will make us stronger and healthier. This is simply not the truth. We won’t solve our sedentary societal woes because we have now have a power meter that measures our output to the ‘nth degree, NO we just have to get on a bike, go for a run, do a jumping jack. If we don’t do the basics, we don’t have anything for our amazing new power meter to measure!

In the same vein, if you are not eating a balanced, well-proportioned and varied diet to start with, spending money on the latest supplement or hydration product is a waste of money.

To put this all into context, I was building a fence with my buddy who is a world-class climber this weekend. He has a finger injury so he has to stay off the crag for a while. He is incredibly fit and I asked him what workouts he is doing to maintain his fitness and rehab his finger? He said, “You’re looking at it! I eat healthy, dig post-holes, move dirt and do landscaping in my yard. I am just as wiped at the end of the day, plus I have the added benefit of a feeling of accomplishment.”

My point is this – every once in a while, ask yourself “What do I really need to get fit and be healthy?” I believe in spending your money in good food, good instruction, and good company. The rest is free! Dig some dirt, run in the fresh air, borrow a shovel, find a bucket and lift some rocks!

All the best!  – Jon

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