Service: How Do You Serve??

Service: How Do You Serve??

Here at Rogue Consulting Group, one of our co-owners, John Young is currently serving in Afghanistan with the U.S Army’s 10th Group. Communication with him is infrequent, as his service requires him to stay quiet. Quiet service. Providing service to something larger than himself. How many people do you know that take on that challenge? Service without acknowledgment. We strive to be acknowledged in our life. Am I being recognized for my work? Am I being seen as the person I want to be?  Am I the best parent, co-worker, athlete, and thinker in my peer group? Am I wearing the right clothes, driving the cool car? We crave acknowledgment.

“To live and let live, without clamour for distinction or recognition; . . . to write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart — this is the sanity and perfection of living, and my human ideal.” –Mary Baker Eddy

Have you ever given yourself to a noble cause much bigger than yourself? Self–sacrifice many would call it. I know that many of you have, and probably some of you have not. Thinking about our good friend and business partner John and the sacrifice he is making right now, as well as all of those serving all around the globe reminds me of the many ways we all can be “quietly serving”.

We can all be better at volunteering our time, and resources to worthy causes. Donating our expertise to those who will benefit. Strengthen our families, communities and organizations that do great things. Expect nothing in return except the knowledge of a job well done and the feeling of being part of a team

We look forward to having John back soon so he can resume his post with the Rogue Consulting Group team.

If you want to share messages with John, he is regularly checking the Rogue blog and FB page. We would also like to hear your stories of Service

Cheers – Jon

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