To Act or Not to Act

To Act or Not to Act

A Precursor to our “Conquer your Fear Summer Event Series”

By Rhod:

Having just turned 40, I feel like I have enough years under my belt to look back on all of my memorable life-changing experiences. It just so happens that each and every achievement that can be drawn upon by my powers of recall (which, by the way, my wife tells me are not currently at their best – I put that down to my age) have all been “action” oriented. Whether it was paddling for my life down the unchartered, crocodile and hippo infested Kunene river while being shot at by an Angolan tribesman wearing nothing but cow hide sandals, thong and, to my dismay, an AK47; to dodging barrages of rock fall on a climbing route in the Swiss Alps due to an unseasonably warm alpine winter; to running across the Sahara Desert with my best friend; my greatest moments of clarity have been the moments following periods of action.

Thomas Jefferson stated:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask, act. Action will delineate and define you.”

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we haven’t planned for and have zero preparation time to formulate a plan. You are in the moment uttering the words H@#Y S!@T. Failure to act in these predicaments can ultimately lead to death. People talk about the fight or flight response, but what most people don’t understand is that at times people’s fight or flight response can freeze them like statues resulting in zero action, therefore it cannot be solely relied upon. The more you experience and expose yourself to these situations, the better you will be equipped to handle them. (Attending one or the entire Rogue “Conquering you fear summer event series” would be a perfect example of that). Moments like these shape the type of human being you become. The person you once were no longer exists. The parameters have changed. A better, stronger and more confident person emerges.

Why is this a good thing you ask? – Well in my opinion, humility is forced upon you. If you are lucky enough to escape a truly life-threatening situation, you understand and appreciate that life truly is precious and can be taken away in an instant. Also by facing and hopefully surviving these dramatic episodes, the fear of death somehow relaxes its grip.

As humans we typically spend more time putting hurdles or obstacles in our way saying to ourselves “why I can’t do this?” and “why I can’t do that?” instead of focusing on “well if I have never tried it, how do I know?” People, in my opinion, spend way too much time on talking themselves out of things rather than talking themselves into things. To live a full life, go out and experience things you never thought you would. Go scare the crap out of yourself from time to time. Your life and the life of those around you will be enriched by it.

We welcome your feedback and want to hear about your life–changing experiences!! Also, please contact us if you are interested in participating in our “Conquer your Fear Summer Event Series” at


  1. Raza Prince

    As humans we learn through experiences. It is only when you are willing to always place one foot In front of the other, progress is made. We should never judge ourselves against others, only against ourselves.Fortune favours the brave is a motto I live by and in that, I would agree with your point on humility, this is often forced apon you as you feel I’ll prepared. Through my life experiences I have learn’t that you are the maker of your emotions and that by challenging yourself, confidence replaces fear. I endeavour to lead by example and bring my child up learning about life itself not the obstacles that media and we as humans place in our paths. Life is short, go live it! Thank you Rogue for always providing that true perspective on life, but more importantly wishing to offer your services to enrich the lives of others. Good job

  2. Trevor Barlow

    Go big or go home?

    When are you planning the next African river trip. I’m in.

    • Rodhri

      I will let you know Trev. How is life mate? thanks for following the Blog.

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