“Conquering Your Fear” Summer Event Series

Rogue Consulting Group is hosting their “Conquering Your Fear” summer event series.

This is a series of 3 events that will test one’s ability to overcome fear on multiple levels, which leads to an increased level of self-awareness and self-assuredness.   The team at Rogue will provide you with detailed instruction in a safe and structured environment, which in turn can provide a foothold for your next big adventure. To reserve a spot on these courses please notify us by either posting your request under the “Leave a Reply” field which is accessed by clicking on the “comments” link on our website blog page or emailing us at team@rogueconsultinggroup.com. Note these events have limited capacity, so please register early.  Participants must be 18 or older.

Special Offer: Sign up ahead of time for all three events and receive a $50.00 discount.

Your place on the individual courses will only be guaranteed once payment has been received.  Payment can be made via credit card by calling Rhodri at 720-231-6192 or Jon at 303-947-5389 or by sending a check made payable to Rogue Consulting Group LLC to 10196 Westside Court, Littleton, Colorado, 80125.



Event #1 – Fixed Rope and Rappel

Date: 7/28/2013, Location: Golden

Set in the beautiful backdrop of North Table Mesa in Golden, you will learn how to ascend fixed ropes utilizing systems of ascension taught by your Rogue instructors.  This will be followed by the challenge of conquering several Rappel stations. All safety equipment will be provided.

The course runs from 0800 to 1200.

Gear list and waiver will be emailed to participants.

Cost per person is $150.00.



Event #2 – Swift Water River Survival

Date: 8/10/2013, Location: Denver

Based in downtown Denver this course will teach you basic river hydrology and the necessary techniques to survive in fast moving water.  This experience will challenge you both physically and mentally and culminates with a “downstream river excursion”. All safety equipment will be provided.  Basic swim skills are not a pre requisite but are preferred.

Course runs from 0800 to 1200.

Gear list and waiver will be emailed to participants.

Cost per person is $150.00.


Event #3 – Drown Proof Training

Date: 8/18/2013, Location: TBD

Based primarily on the Military Special Operation water survival training, you will get a small taste of what is required during SEAL and Green Beret selection. This course invites you to test yourself against the rigors of a pool work out that few get to experience or endure. You will learn how to get comfortable in this foreign environment and learn to develop psychological cues to relax when every cell in your body is yelling the opposite. This is a physically demanding course that when completed will make you more confident operating in a water environment as well as break down physical and mental barriers. Basic swim skills are a pre requisite. Location TBD – information will be emailed to you upon registering for this experience.

Course runs from 0800 to 1000.

Gear list and waiver will be emailed to participants.

Cost per person is $100.00.

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