Testimonials from Rogue Consulting Group Clients.

Brandon Kibler

We hired Rogue Consulting Group to run a wilderness survival camp in the Rocky Mountains. Our group was extremely diverse in age, physical ability, and (to be honest) desire to participate. Rhodri and Jon took that challenge head on and delivered results well beyond everyone’s expectations. Their expertise, character, performance is of the highest quality in the world. If you are considering their services, I highly recommend you “Switch On”.

Bart Moyers:

Well, it was two years plus in the making and we pulled it off in Fraser, CO with 20 of us at 10,000 feet elevation. Excellent. Wonderful. Unforgettable. These are just a few words that I have heard people use to describe our experience with Rogue Consulting.
Our mission of getting fathers and sons, mentors and mentees together to suffer together was completed. They came from six states, ages ranging from 13 to 60, ready to take on what Rogue Consulting Group could dish out for a day and half. All of us graduated with a certificate and a challenge coin. No matter how we came to the camp we left with our heads held high. Fathers and sons having the opportunity to talk to each other about deep things. Mentors and mentees leaving the confines of a Zoom Call meeting to slow down and appreciate the outdoors.
You two were perfect. After strapping on our backpacks and taking on the first challenge of walking the first trail under the allotted time, the challenges got more difficult as the day went along. Learning survival skills at first was entertaining, not knowing that before the end of camp we would need to use  those skills to complete the “missions” and “objectives” given to us.
Some left saying, “This was the hardest experience I’ve ever had.” Others said, “We got our butts handed to us.” Still others said, “I’ve never had the opportunity to bond with my son like I did this weekend.”
We were told that the experience would make us rise to be a “better us.” It did not disappoint. I would love to give details about the things we did but I believe that I would spoil the surprises that a Rogue Consulting Group weekend delivers.
We wanted the young boys and men to have a vision for what it is to grow into manhood. There were special moments when fathers shared about their sons and sons got to share about their fathers. Tears. Lots of them. Conversations had that never would have been had it not been for this alpine adventure.
If you have a group of people who you think would benefit from an intense weekend full of maturing opportunities, a testing of your metal, warrior mindset building activities in the wild, you should plan your next event with Rogue Consulting.

Andre Durand, CEO, Ping Identity

“Every now and then one comes across someone truly unique and profound. Someone that can really makes a difference in your life — if you allow them. I happened across two of these individuals in meeting Jon and Rhodri of Rogue Consulting Group LLC. These two extremely talented individuals have been given a gift of strength, passion and leadership all vetted in the special forces that few of us will have an opportunity to test ourselves. Once more, they passionately share their experiences and lessons in a way that we can understand and relate to in every day life, and in a way we can apply them to become the best we can be, extraordinary in our own right.”

About Ping Identity

Ping Identity provides cloud identity security to over 800 of the world’s largest enterprises and governments, serving 42 of the Fortune 100 here in the US alone. Ping’s technology secures the digital identity of hundreds of millions of users, and provides them with a single login that can be used throughout the Internet without having to log in multiple times. Visit pingidentity.com for more information.
About Andre Durand

Andre Durand is the founder and CEO of Ping Identity and a visionary within the cloud identity & security industry. In addition to his role at Ping, Mr. Durand also runs his industries conference, called the Cloud Identity Summit, where leaders from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Symantec, PayPal and others are defining the future of identity on the Internet.

Prior to Ping Identity, Durand founded Jabber, Inc., an instant messaging company acquired by Cisco in 2009. Jabber is the foundation for Google Chat, iChat and Cisco’s phone systems.
Prior to Jabber, Inc., Durand was founder and CEO of Durand Communications, a bulletin board software provider acquired by Webb Interactive in 1998.

Durand holds BA degrees in Biology and Economics from the University of California.

Emily Gloeckner, P.E. | Director -Policy, Planning, and Sustainability

I am the Director of a Planning and Engineering group within a local municipality. When I took on this position, I realized I inherited a group of high performing individuals that did not work as a team, which meant, we could accomplish more than we were already accomplishing. The group had gone through a few retreats together that were “the same ole thing”. The last thing everyone wanted was another all-day retreat inside a stark room with the same ole group facilitators and exercises.

While talking to Jon, I realized the Rogue Leadership and Team Building program could be a fun and different approach that could potentially achieve the collaboration I’d like to see the team realize.  Let me tell you, I was concerned about a few folks within my group because not everyone was young and fit. I was worried that challenges would be too stressful, physically, and that only a portion of my team would be able to participate. That ended up being far, far, from the truth. The table top exercises were fun and easy to do while pushing people to think. The group challenge was not only a blast that everyone could participate in (even the person that had a recent bike injury), but it was tailored specifically to my group.

I’m so glad I took the chance on these guys! Do not hesitate to hire them to help build your team. Our staff meetings are way more fun now. I noticed people talk to each other now and there is more laughter and camaraderie than ever before. They were nervous going into this, I was nervous going into this, and it turned out to be one of the best investments in people that I have found. These guys know what they are doing, they listen to you, they tailor the event to your needs and everything about the event is fun, comfortable, and thoughtful. This is truly a unique experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Trevor Barlow, CEO, ConferenceEdge

“My company is entering the proverbial “high growth” phase of its development.  This is a crucial and unpredictable time in any organization as we are adding a significant amount of new employees and new clients.   We started looking for ways to further solidify our core values for employees and to make sure we were ready to take on the challenges this type of growth presents.  After some research, we decided on a corporate training session with Rhod and Jon of Rogue Consulting.   After that training, I am confident that our team is ready for anything and now regards our journey as an adventure and not just a “job”.  Rhod and Jon are impressive!  They don’t even question whether excellence is achievable within the team or individual, they set it as an expectation from the onset.  They have a unique and valuable ability to get the best out of people and teams while exposing each individual’s hidden potential.  Something that most of us wouldn’t explore  or discover due to other life or professional distractions.  I highly recommend their programs and more importantly, I regard them as 2 of the most exceptional people I have ever met.  Get to know them.  Work with them.  It may very well be the best experience you and your team will ever have.  Thanks, guys!”

From KT:

Throughout my life I have struggled with weight and been attached to the number I see on the scale. I’ve been vegetarian, paleo, vegan, fasted, cut out dairy, drank disgusting detox shakes, done weight watchers, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. Depending on my level of determination I’ve had short-term success with all of these strategies. I lose weight quickly, relax and celebrate my new body, and before I know it the pounds are back. Working with Rhod was the first time I’ve experienced healthy and sustainable weight loss. More importantly, the focus was on body fat percentage and fitness, not on weight loss.

It was hard for me to transition away from the scale and do a fitness nutrition program that emphasized eating! What? I thought you had to cut food out not add food in! The most challenging part of the program was learning how to calculate and track your food correctly, but by doing so I learned a tremendous amount about what is in food, and how it is best used by my body. The second most challenging part was eating enough!! I had no idea my body needed that much protein! Instead of seeing food as my enemy I started to view it as the fuel I needed to achieve my fitness goals for the day. I had to work hard to get the right amount of carbs, fat and protein into my body, and for a while I could not conceive that I would lose weight or fat eating so much. In the past I lost weight because I ate so restrictively that I couldn’t exercise. I was losing muscle, energy, fitness. This time, it took a few weeks for my body to understand what was going on, but I started to lose weight and gain muscle. My body fat percentage dropped more quickly than the scale did, and that was the point. The bonus was that soon the number on the scale dropped as well.

Rhod’s incredible wealth of information about nutrition and fitness helped me put my faith into the process despite my concerns that “this was not the way you lose weight.” He provided the guidance and encouragement that I needed on a daily basis, and he kept me focused on the end goal rather than on the scale. I started to feel healthier and stronger within weeks and, after two months, I have reached my weight loss goals, am about to run my second half marathon, and am excited for my wedding dress fitting (never thought I’d say that). The best part is that I got to eat throughout the entire process. What is even cooler is that, now that I am “finished” with Rhod’s program I feel as though it is completely integrated into the way that I eat and exercise. Diet is not a word that should be associated with this program. It is really a supportive training that shifts the way you view food, exercise and your body. For people like me who have spent countless hours stressing about the numbers on the scale, Rhod’s program is life transforming.

I am so grateful for Rhod’s expertise and support. To any questioning beginner I would just say “trust the process. This guy knows what he’s doing!” 🙂

Mike A:

Rogue’s nutrion program is the real deal!!!

 My number one goal when I started with Rogue was to lose weight.  I achieved my goals and then some…in fact a whole new world opened up.
Before I found Rogue I was completely lost and confused when it came to proper diet and nutrition.  I was always fighting energy highs and lows throughout the day.  I was confused by all of the “fad” diet myths and half truths…What to eat and what not to eat.  When to eat and when not to eat…
 Rogue completely answered all of those questions and helped separate dietary fact from fiction.  Essentially Rogue’s program is a course in science based Nutrition fundamentals that will help you make the correct dietary decisions all throughout your life!!!
Rhodri and Jon successfully helped me view food as fuel…As a result I cut my total cholesterol in half (from 260 to 130), I have steady energy all though-out the day, my fitness level is the highest it has ever been, I lost 25 pounds and I dropped my body fat from 24% to 13%!!!  None of this would have been possible without the guidance and expertise of both Jon and Rhodri.
This is by far the best investment I have ever made for myself…Thanks guys!!!

Sam K:

I like to think as Rhod as more of a coach than a trainer. A trainer is someone at the gym who counts your reps and whose goal is to kill you during their time with you and then reschedule for next week. A coach is someone that you work with towards a physical goal – someone who takes all aspects of training into consideration. With Rhod you will work to achieve the following:

– physically training for your goal, preparing your body to do what you want it to do

– preparing your mind to take on this training, and it’s highs and lows

– understanding proper nutrition for training

– knowing when your body needs to recover

Training with Rhod covers all these aspects. He is interested in the whole process rather than just the physical piece. His training will kick your ass, and you will be more than physically ready to take on your goal. But he understands the ups and downs of the training cycle and he will listen to you cheer and mope. And then tell you that ups and downs don’t matter, keep moving forward.

I’ve had great success working with Rhod and thoroughly enjoy his training. He will be able to assist anyone to their goals if they’re willing to commit and give it 100%.

From Micki M:

I trained with Rhod to run my first marathon. I have been a recreational runner for years and have run several shorter races, including half marathons, but never took the step to hire a running coach to improve my racing technique until I decided to run the full. Rhod helped improve my running gait and breathing techniques. He also focuses on the importance of nutrition and hydration – helping me figure out how much food and water I should consume during the race, and how to properly fuel my body prior to race day to ensure I would be in prime condition. Rhod helped me push myself to train harder than I ever could have on my own. His constant review and analysis of each run through Garmin data helped me stay on target and motivated. While I knew I was accountable to myself, I was also accountable to someone else, so I knew I couldn’t cheat on workouts.

Make no mistake, Rhod’s program won’t be easy – it will push you to your limits. And while the program isn’t easy, Rhod is flexible and can help make small adjustments to training schedules to accommodate other things that are happening in your life. Training for a marathon is a huge time commitment and not to be taken lightly, but at the end of race you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and Rhod can help get you there.

Most people that I talked to about my training thought I was crazy. I actually loved how challenging it was….maybe not always while i was doing it or right before I had to do it, but looking back 🙂 I liked running the full marathon prior to the race day. I think it prepared me for how much food, water it would take to get me through the race and what I would physically and emotionally experience both during and after completing it. I loved working with you on this. I am going to let my life settle down for a bit and figure out what my next challenge is going to be. My guess is that this won’t be your last time coaching me, if you’ll take me back again 🙂

From Kristen K:

I’m a 32 year old female training for my first marathon. I’ve always been an athletic person but I did not start running until I was 28 and at that time I could barely run a mile. Since then I was averaging 2-3 half marathons a summer. I’m an average runner at best. When I first started running I was somewhere near 11 min miles. My PR half marathon pace was 9 min miles. The time came around where I felt it was now or never to make the jump to a higher millage race so with a friend I signed up for a full marathon and sought out the expertise of Rhod. From day one training was a beast. Who would have thought 30 mins on a treadmill could be so miserable! I was also blown away to see that week one of training included a 12 mile run. The weeks never let up either. Rhod’s training program has to be the toughest around. I know this because I explained to other people who had trained or were training for a full marathon they couldn’t believe the amount of miles we were putting in. Which to be honest kind of let my ego swell on how tough Rhod was making me. I didn’t care for all the paced running as I constantly fell short on where I should have been which often led me to feeling like I was failing. Its a tough feeling to run 12 miles in a blizzard before your day starts and to not even feel proud of yourself for doing it. Rhod’s emails could be tough to swallow at times as well. They were short and to the point to let you know if you missed your mark but some how between my own ears they sometimes only added to my disappointment. Conversely, the constant emails back and forth were also my favorite part. When you a doing crazy run the first thing you want to do is share it with someone who actually cares about how it went, and nobody cared more than Rhod. Meeting up didn’t work out much in the beginning due to conflicting schedules. On one hand this did not bother me as the last thing I wanted to do after a hard running week was meet up with Rhod for an even harder run. However, I did miss meeting up with him for the words of inspiration. A feeling that just does not always come across on email. Talks with Rhod on running and working out always seem to bridge the gap to bigger life lessons. You always walk away from a session with a more centerd perspective on the run and on life. I have immensely enjoyed training with Rhod. In the end I think the program was a little over my head as far as what I was able to commit to but I wouldn’t change the experience. Thank you Rhod for everything in the last four months. I’m already looking forward to whatever the next challenge I can rope you into training me for.

From Jeremy H:

Rogue’s fitness nutrition program changed my life! One month of eating a lot, exercising intensely, and watching every little thing I consumed had fantastic results. I certainly lost weight and gained muscle mass, but more than anything I took away a good understanding of how to feed my body in a way that gives it what it needs, when it needs it, in the most appropriate manner.

Rhod is a detail-oriented person whose commitment to helping make the program work for me showed on a daily basis. His feedback was direct and well reasoned, and his admonishment and encouragement as appropriate kept me on the right path. The program is not exactly comfortable, but he helped me make wise decisions along the way that made the daily intake as interesting as possible. And, his humor certainly helped!

I have pulled lessons from the program into my daily life, and will take them with me going forward. I now understand the implications of choices I make, and how to balance the rest of my daily consumption accordingly. Living with these lessons is a lot more fun than it was to learn them, but I would never have learned them without going through the program. Although to be honest, I do kind of miss an occasional email from Rhod telling me that I really didn’t need that other teaspoon of olive oil!

From Warren B:

I already knew it all. I had been a fitness junkie since age 14. I played competitive team sports at a high level until age 30, and then continued to feed my competitive nature with individual sports until the present day. Why do I, a guy that actually holds a personal training certificate, need help with my diet?! Then, at 43, after not visiting a doctor in about 12 years, I thought getting a full physical would be a good idea. BOOM! High Cholesterol! WHAT ME?? Through a referral from a friend, I called Jon and Rhodri and soon learned  – I knew NOTHING! The guys at Rogue Consulting Group walked me through their philosophy on nutrition and a light went on.

Why had I been doing it wrong all along? Maybe I would have won that rowing race last year! Maybe I would have broken the 20:00 minute 5K row years ago.

These guys are the REAL deal! Their simple, (yet very scientific and educated) approach provides the “tough love”, positive reinforcement and simple kick in the a** you need to live a healthy lifestyle. You will feel better, look better and perform better!

From Heather L:

I hired Rhodri as a nutrition coach to help me, at age 51, prepare for a mountaineering expedition on Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas. But he gave me so much more.

First, he tailored a nutrition plan for my specific goals, body and timeframe. Then he gave me feedback to help me learn how to make new choices and adopt a more conscious way of looking at food. He is extremely knowledgeable about the science of nutrition and, even better, he’s personally experienced in how food affects active people. I’ve always worked hard to stay fit but never really mastered the nutrition piece. Using email and online tools, Rhodri changed all that. In just 2 months of working with Rhodri, I became leaner, stronger and well-prepared for 3 weeks on a tough mountain. And there was a terrific side effect, too — my husband also changed his diet for the better just by watching and sharing the different food choices I started to make.

Just as important, Rhodri helped to instill and strengthen the kind of warrior’s outlook I would need to meet the challenges ahead. He cared about my progress, helped me cope with and overcome injury, gave me great advice on the nitty gritty details of mountaineering and even helped me to frame the lessons I brought back through a good debrief.

Rhodri Leach is a fantastic coach. I’m grateful to Rhodri for making me a better athlete and look forward to working with him again.

From Bryan L:

“Everything you’ve read/will read about Rogue’s nutrition program is true. You will eat a lot. You will complain about eating a lot, but you will reach your goals. Before enrolling I was a bit skeptical in that I thought I knew how to eat clean, turns out I didn’t. Rhod totally revamped how I look at food and the way I consume it. His program is big on accountability, Rhod “taught me how to fish” instead of just giving me a meal plan to stick with – I can’t stress how important this was. You don’t just walk away from the program with a month of clean eating, but with a lifetime of knowledge. I am 100% satisfied with the program and would encourage anyone who is serious about their nutrition to give it a shot.”

From Holly T:

I reached out to Rhod while training for my first ultra marathon. Shortly after the miles started adding up and my training increased, I noticed that I wasn’t performing my best or recovering as quickly as I thought I should be. Having always been a “healthy” eater, I thought I knew what I needed to fuel my body- boy was I wrong. Had it not been for Rhod’s eye-opening nutrition plan and coaching, I would have been completely unprepared for race day.

Rhod created a data-driven nutrition plan based on body measurements, a series of running tests, and a deep understanding for my training. Depending on the type of day I had physically, I had certain ranges of calories that I needed to eat, broken down into calories from protein, fat & carbohydrates. Each night I would complete my food log and send it to Rhod. Every morning, I had a thorough, detailed, and honest email from him breaking down the do’s and don’ts to my previous day, encouraging me, slapping my hand when needed, and most importantly, providing alternatives and explanations as to why I should eat this vs.that, relating to how it would help with my training and recovery.

I can’t say following the program was easy (though the program itself is incredibly simple to understand)- you have to be committed and prepared to change the way and WHAT you eat. For me, that meant eating more than I have ever eaten in my life, including intake during my long runs. This was the most difficult part for me, BUT I was able to see and feel changes for the better in my running and recovery. Also, having an email from Rhod saying something like “that’s rocket octane fuel” and feeling that way from proper nutrition, well… the proof is in the pudding.

Look no further for nutritional guidance for whatever athletic endeavor you have coming up. You won’t want to go back to your old eating habits after working with Rhod, and you definitely won’t find a better coach.

Ann C.

The Rogue Consulting Group Nutrition Program, combined with their Battle Ready Fitness Program, was truly life-changing for my husband and me. Less than nine months after giving birth to our first baby, I weighed less than I did before pregnancy and had returned to a high fitness level. My husband lost over 25 pounds and was in the best shape of his life. We stopped eating out and started cooking home-cooked meals, packing lunch, and planning menus ahead of time. We discovered delicious foods like Brussels sprouts, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and smoked salmon we never used to eat. And, we’re spending a lot less money on food — the $500 we spent on the program paid for itself in the first month’s savings. Our new habits have stuck, and we really look forward to our weekly tradition of cooking as a family on Sunday evening.

Natasha N:

Rhod, I have learned so much from you  – I had no idea I was just 30 days from feeling this way. This is the most real, well-rounded program I have ever followed where there aren’t rules to eliminate major food groups and it feels like you get to eat all the time.