Mountain Ascent Program


Nothing quite highlights and cements strong teamwork more than an attempt at climbing a technical route on a big mountain. With all the planning intricacies that need to be considered that include equipment, escape routes, food, hydration, differences in physical abilities, weather and altitude (to name just a few) the mountains are truly mother nature’s testing ground.

Rogue Consulting Group will provide skill based sessions that will provide participants the necessary tools to plan and execute an ascent on a selected 14,000 foot mountain via a pre-determined route.

This course will involve both classroom and outdoor sessions that cover the following topics:
• Equipment
• Land Navigation
• Terrain Recognition
• Safe group travel in technical terrain
• Mountain weather
• First aid and altitude related illnesses
• Physical Conditioning
• Rope work

The skills portion of this package will be divided up into 4 separate 90 minute slots. Participants will be taught, and will have to demonstrate competency in the highlighted key skill areas to secure their place on the team. Mountainous environments are extremely hazardous and core competencies must be attained to ensure the safety of the individuals participating. Your Rogue instructional staff will accompany you on your mountain adventure but will only intervene if deemed necessary when the health and safety of the group is in potential jeopardy. The peak ascent will cover class III and class IV terrain and will typically take participants between 8 to 12 hours to complete (dependant on group fitness levels).

The day of the week for the ascent can remain flexible to meet the demands of the client.

Rogue Consulting Group LLC will come to your company’s headquarters and provide the training on-site. Course scheduling for the training days and final challenge will be determined on a case by case basis that best meets the client’s needs.

The cost of this course which includes all training sessions and peak ascent is $550 per person.

We have a minimum participation requirement of 8 people.

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