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Battle Ready Fitness is based around the philosophy that there is a need to maintain a steady state of physical fitness that allows you to act/react in an array of scenarios that you may encounter in life – chosen or otherwise. It is our goal to provide you with the physical capacity to run significant distances, survive violent encounters, drag a family member from a burning building, climb mountains, rescue someone from drowning or create a solid foundation that will help you pursue whatever personal physical endeavors you choose, all the while helping you attain a new level of mental toughness. A large amount of focus is placed on mindset and developing an “iron willl” mentality while supporting individual needs and developing a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. This preparation in the gym through our challenging workouts will allow you to perform where it really matters – outside of the gym!!

 Member Pricing Options and Schedule:



Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 0545 to 0700 and workouts are typically high intensity.

The Legionnaire:

Duration:4 sessions per month Price: $60

The Warrior:

Duration: 8 sessions per month Price: $120

The Gladiator:

Duration: Unlimited sessions per month Price: $150

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from a Battle Ready Fitness (BRF) Class?

You should expect a fitness program like no other. We integrate traditional and non-traditional fitness methodologies coupled with scenarios that will prepare you for life’s battles big and small. Every day and every workout is different. Our focus is to make you stronger both mentally and physically.


Where are you Located?

We operate out of the Apex Movement Parkour facility located at 700. W. Mississippi Ave, Denver, 80223, Builing A, Unit #5 which is directly across the street from the Conoco gas station on W. Mississippi Ave.


What do I need to do to sign-up/reserve a spot?

Just show up and sign a waiver


Call/text us at:

303-947-5389 (Jon)


720-231-6192 (Rhod)


What do I wear to a BRF class?

Standard workout clothes and athletic footwear bearing in mind that we do also conduct workouts outdoors so having clothing for inclement weather is also recommended.


What should I bring to a BRF class?

Water bottle (preferably a portable system for our outside workouts); towel; change of clothes; any medications that you currently take (insulin, bronchodilators), healthy food for post workout; workout gloves; Headlamp for outside workouts; a great attitude.


Is there parking available?

Yes – parking is available in both the front and the back of the building. There are 6 available slots in front of the building and ample parking at the rear. If you park at the rear of the building please just come into the gym through the large roller shutter doors. Note if all 6 slots in the front of the building are occupied then you MUST park at the rear.


Do you sell punch cards?



What if I get injured and can’t continue the program for the designated one month?

Full cancellation due to injury will be dependent on the severity of your injury. We will work with you but we use “reasonability” when assessing the reimbursement of monies. A sprained ankle for example would not be cause for a refund. You will be charged for the classes you attended plus a $50 administration fee. The remainder of monies will be returned to you.


Are there showers and/or bathrooms?

Changing rooms and bathrooms – yes; showers – no


Do you take credit cards?

Yes – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Cash and check are also acceptable forms of payment.


Is there a minimum fitness standard requirement?

No, but it is recommended that you are not totally de-conditioned prior to signing up for this program. The workouts are tailored to the fittest participants and would not be classed as “easy”.


Do all of your classes take place at the gym?

No, we conduct some of our workouts outdoors and even some off-site locations (case by case basis) but information will be disseminated to all participants prior to those workouts taking place.



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We are proud to partner with Apex Movement to bring you a world class facility in which to host our Battle Ready Fitness program.  This facility offers a unique environment in which the Rogue Consulting Group instructors can offer you the most comprehensive physical fitness program you have ever experienced!

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