From Rhod:

This blog is dedicated to our very own Andrea Daigle who epitomizes what it truly means to be BADASS!!

The word BADASS flat out grabs my goat. I HATE IT! I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because it’s thrown around so often today on social media that everybody thinks they belong in the “BADASS” category.

Here’s the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Those people that truly are “BADASSES” never use that word and would never class themselves as one. They hide under the veil of humility. They are silent warriors. Why? Because people who embody what an ACTUAL “badass” is, are always looking to improve; constantly working on their weaknesses; trying to obtain mastery of their chosen profession/passion/pastime; ultimately to try and become the best version of themselves possible.

We all post photos of ourselves doing our most “BADASS” things so we can be viewed in the eyes of others as being such. I’ll be the first to admit that I too am guilty of this, but If you step back and truly analyze why we do that, the deep dark truth is that we are inflating our own ego. This is the complete opposite of what it means to be a “BADASS”. We inflate our ego to temporarily silence our insecurities.

I first met Andrea back in October 2017 when she was introduced to our strength and conditioning program by another client of ours, Dr. Holly Wyatt, who is the medical expert of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, author of State of Slim, Obesity Researcher at CU Anschutz Health & Wellness Center and physician.

Andrea’s competitive spirit was always present,  but in the beginning it lay under a heavy burden of doubt and insecurity. Since our introduction, she has lost over 70 Lbs, became a nationally ranked Concept 2 rower for 1000m distance (33rd in the country 2018), is currently training to run her first half marathon (she couldn’t run one unbroken mile when we first met) and countless other personal goals that are too long to list here. She has not missed one training session in 12 months. NOT ONE!! That type of discipline/drive is hard to find and even harder to maintain.

The purpose of this rant is to tell you that you will not find her basking in the glory of her achievements or posting about them on Instagram. She tightens up her britches and gets to work on jumping over (or smashing through) the next hurdle. She will be the first to tell you that she still has “a way to go”. Every day for her is a battle so a lifetime means that she is at war and as Plato wrote, “only the dead will see the end of the war”. She, like many of us, are in the thick of it for the long haul.

We are bombarded by mainstream media of stories that highlights the achievements of the human spirit over adversity.  I love these stories, but much like quotations I feel like they have lost their punch and I for one have regrettably become a little jaded by them. So why am I writing this? It’s because I know and am intimate with her struggle. I know that her body feels broken every time she shows up at the gym. I know that she still doubts her ability. I know how she feels when the alarm goes off at that ungodly hour and reminds her that pain is in her immediate future. There is nothing pretty or emotionally uplifting about this process. It is an acidic environment that can only be matched and overcome by one’s power of will and desire to be better. We celebrate (and post about) the big achievements, but it’s what goes on in the background, the blood, sweat, tears and the grind of putting in the work for little or no recognition when nobody is watching that provides the foundation for said achievements. Andrea does this day in and day out without a hint of complaint (ok, maybe there’s a little complaining). Up until now, she has received zero recognition from me for her achievements, which, before you criticize, is by design.

Andrea, you are the embodiment of what I class as a badass. Take the compliment, because I know you will down play it and also because you will never hear those words come out of my mouth ever again J.

Keep forging ahead and seek to find the best version of yourself. Keep running your own race and keep inspiring others by letting your actions speak louder than words. They say the pen is mightier that the sword. This was true before the introduction of the internet. Authenticity and leading by example is going the way of the dinosaur, but it trumps the power of the pen every time in the current social climate..including this blog.

Our journey together thus far has been my privilege.




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From Rhod:

“Real power comes from sharing knowledge……. Not hoarding it”

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog on addressing lower back pain and although I still whole heartedly believe in what I wrote back then, I recently experienced something that I felt should be shared (you can check out that blog here Since that time, I have continued my battle to seek pain relief and have recently found a modality that has helped me tremendously. As with most things in life, when we know better we should do better. Furthermore, we should share those lessons learned with others, in the hope that they can do better.

A good friend of mine recently purchased a 90 minute manual therapy session for me at “Anatomy”. Now if you read the blog I referenced above, you’ll have a clear understanding of my skepticism when it comes to achieving any pain relief, but hey, it was a gift, what’s a guy to do right?

I walked into “Anatomy” basically thinking this was going to be a standard sports massage which ultimately would provide some temporary pain relief, but nothing outside of what I had already experienced in my 2 decade “pain relief” quest. I was hugely mistaken!

For those of you who are familiar with the book “Becoming a supple Leopard” written by Dr Kelley Starrett and believe in his teachings/methods, then “Anatomy” is most definitely for you. As many of you with lacrosse balls know, the work required to restore proper function and muscular sliding surfaces can be very painful (depending on your level of dysfunction.) Often the pain can be so bad it can elicit a flight/fight response. The result being we can’t or won’t do the work necessary to restore function. There is nothing relaxing about the work they perform at Anatomy and I hand in my man card every time I walk through their door. At one point Kyle and Em (the owners) had to make sure I was in the back room getting the work done in order to protect their other clients from the range of expletives that would so eloquently flow out of my mouth.

I asked the owners of “Anatomy” to describe what they do, simply because they can articulate it much better than I ever could.

From Kyle and Em (owners of Anatomy):

The most common difference clients notice right away is that our style of Manual Therapy is not relaxing like traditional Massage Therapy. Unlike Traditional massage which focuses more on moving fluids (i.e. blood and lymph), our technique focuses on fascia and the dysfunction that occurs there. When dysfunction occurs in fascia it can create something called Fibrosis, which is a thickening of connective tissue. That thickening causes the surrounding connective tissue to slightly adhere or “stick” to one another, causing immobility and often pain. This dysfunction can occur in the fascia of the muscle belly and into the deeper layers of the muscle belly called fascicles. The thickening of fascia can dramatically affect the range of motion in joints, as well as not allowing muscles to properly slide on one another to achieve full activation. To reiterate what I said previously, Manual Therapy in itself is a different modality within the realm of bodywork. Even with Deep Tissue massage techniques like some types of Sports massage, you will have a lot of compressions, stretching and trigger point work. These are all great things for cell health and flushing out lactic acids but sadly, from what I have experienced, these techniques seem to be limited when it comes to removing fibrosis, adhesions, and scar tissue, though temporarily improving symptoms. This is where Anatomy steps in. By treating sliding surfaces of muscles and connective tissue, our goal is to achieve better range of motion, and less pain with active and passive movement.

We love what we do because we get to be one on one with clients and help make an actual difference in their lives. Our average client has had a chronic issue or many chronic issues for years that have never been properly addressed. Seeing someone go through a transformation in sometimes as little as one session and to see them without the pain that has been residing in their body, sometimes for 25 years, is incredible.

I (Kyle) have been a therapist for almost 10 years. I received my education in St. Louis, MO and continued my studies through books, lectures and an apprenticeship under fascial workers and anatomists. My wife, Em and I have owned Anatomy for almost 3 years. Em recently became a Manual Therapist and works at the clinic. We can be reached through email or phone. or 720-262-6905.

After that first (extremely painful) session I literally could not believe the difference it made to my overall mobility and I found it even harder to believe that I was pain free. That deep seated dull ache had packed its bags (at least for now). Initially I was on a once a week protocol but have since reduced my sessions to once a month. I really cannot say that the work they do at Anatomy has “fixed me” but it has had a dramatic effect in reducing my chronic pain. It also compelled me to write a blog about it which (if you know me) speaks volumes.

Another thing that I feel needs to be mentioned is that they don’t proclaim to be the “one stop shop/fix all ailments” clinic. If the work they do there does not illicit a positive response, they will shake your hand and refer you to some other practitioners that could be of help. They thrive on making a positive impact on your physical wellbeing which of course directly affects your mental wellbeing. If they cannot achieve this they don’t want your money.

A word of caution and speaking only from my own experiences at Anatomy, this work is not for the faint of heart. My relationship is truly one of love and hate but the underlying question for me must be………..

“Chronic pain by its very definition means long term. Do you really think you are going to solve chronic issues with a weekly rub down?” To break the cycle of dysfunction and “reprogramming of your cells” your must fight fire with fire and holy shit, the folks at Anatomy bring the heat!!!!!

If, like me you have reached the end of your tether and the only thing your doctors are prescribing are surgery and pain medications, give Anatomy a whirl. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Explore every modality you can before going under the knife or exposing your body to the effects of long term pain meds.

Good luck!

“Battle Ready Fitness” Now Offering a Amazon Local Deal!

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Get your self in the best physical and mental shape of your life with Battle Ready Fitness. You can now experience this unique program at a huge discount at Amazon Local. Here is the where you can buy your discounted classes. Get them while you can.

The Gift that keeps on Giving

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Looking for a great Christmas present for family, friends or loved ones this year? Give the gift of health.  Come and workout with us at the most unique gym Denver has to offer. Punch cards and/or memberships are available for our Battle Ready Fitness Program. We also have certificates available for personal training clients and nutritional counseling. Pricings are available on this website or you can contact us at:


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From Rhod:

If you have never read one of our blogs and don’t have the inclination to do so, no worries, but I urge you to spend 10 minutes of your day reading this one. It will be the most productive 10 minutes spent of your entire day, maybe even your entire life. Straight up!

After another period in the blogging wilderness I have been inspired to write an article due to two things that I have recently been exposed to. Firstly, a good friend of mine, Colleen Patrice, recently finished her first book in the series of 4 and sent it to me as a parting gift (she is heading for warmer climes). The series of books is called “Lighten your Toxic Load” the first edition being named “Animal, Vegetable, Criminal”. Colleen spent years researching and digging through the quagmire of public information out there that exposes how corporate greed and strategies are designed to keep you from the truth about the current command and control of our food system and how simply put, YOU, are ingesting toxic products. Her discoveries are eyebrow rising to say the least. You honestly have to read it to believe it. Before you think that this blog is solely for the purpose of plugging my friend’s book, then that is your prerogative, but know that it is only my intention to share what I know and have come to learn with a wider audience for the common good. If you don’t check out the information, then feel free to bury your head back in the sand and call yourself an ostrich.

Secondly, just last night, I saw a program on PBS called “Seeds of Death” which was produced by Dr. Gary Null. This is an excellent documentary about GMO foods and how they negatively affect our health, our ecosystem and our environment; even to the point of actually changing our own DNA if we consume GM food. I am well versed in health and nutrition and have been working with clients from all walks of life for decades, but these two sources of information still had the capacity to blow my mind and I therefore encourage you to check them out.

Animal, Vegetable, CriminaI. ISBN#9780990473909

You can see the documentary on Seeds of Death at –

Here are some statistics for you to think about, the percentages of which err on the conservative side:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) which is an independently funded body, so are less likely to have been bought off by big agricultural companies like Cargill and Monsanto, calculate that approximately 93% of soybean, 95% of sugar beets and 88% of corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified (GM). Did you also know that approximately 79% of salad oil comes from GM soybean and 55% of sugar comes from GM sugar beets? EWG calculated that the average American consumes approximately 68 lbs of GM sugar beet, 58 pounds of GM corn syrup and 38 pounds of GM soybean oil per year. Holy shit!! Thankfully my diet, the diet of my immediate family and my clients do not fall under that statistical blanket. Does yours? No wonder there is such an increase in chronic disease and consumption of pharmaceutical drugs to combat them. Oh, by the way, just for you to know, Big Agricultural companies and Big Pharmaceutical companies are in bed together so in short, they feed you food that makes you sick on the one hand then sell you drugs that try to fix it on the other. WTF!!!!!

I could write reams and reams on the negative effects of growing and eating GM foods and the dirty/smoke screen tactics of big money corporations to get GM foods onto our supermarket shelves, but it would simply be reinventing the wheel – please reference my friend’s book and/ or the Seeds of Death documentary for expert in depth analysis.

If you have questions about your nutrition or are looking for a workable/sustainable solution to your health and fitness nutrition needs then please feel free to contact us here at rogue. To date we hold a 100% success rate with all our nutritional clients. Please check out some of the testimonials on our webpage

If not then simply check out the links and information I provided here and share it with everyone you know, or at the very least, everyone you care about.

Have a great week.


Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

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Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

From Rhod:

This blog is dedicated to my dear friend and brother RKP who lives the life of the sheepdog everyday and graciously shares his knowledge and beliefs with all those who will listen. He is a great teacher and even better practitioner.

I was first introduced to the tale of sheep, wolves and sheepdogs during my time in the Law Enforcement Academy. I would love to take credit for the words that follow but they are not mine. They are the words of LTC Dave Grossman, author of the book “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to kill in War and Society”. My goal is to give a brief synopsis of his words with my own, as I feel they need to be shared.

Below is a brief synopsis of sheep, wolves and sheepdogs as described by Grossman in his book.


This is not meant as a derogatory term. It is simply used to class those citizens who are decent people that are not capable of hurting each other except by accident or extreme provocation. If you have no capacity for violence then you are a sheep (a healthy productive citizen)


They feed on sheep without mercy. Believe that there are evil men/women out there that will do evil deeds. The minute you forget that you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens then you are defined an aggressive sociopath, a wolf.


These protect the sheep and confront the wolf. If you have a capacity for violence and have a deep love for your fellow citizens, you are a sheepdog. The sheep don’t necessarily like the sheepdog. He looks like the wolf and has fangs, coupled with a capacity to do violence and can be annoying with his constant interruptions. But when the wolf is at the door the flock will desperately try to hide behind one lonely sheepdog. There is nothing morally superior about being a sheepdog, but there is one huge advantage and that is being able to survive and thrive in an environment that would destroy 98% of the population.

Most human beings, generally speaking, are decent, law abiding citizens, but please understand that there are bad people out there willing to do bad things to you if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and sometimes that element needn’t even exist.

Why am I sharing this with you? Firstly, simply by highlighting the fact can possibly bring enlightenment. Secondly, it is to plug our Battle Ready Fitness program that can prepare you physically, tactically and mentally to “survive” potential violent encounters not only with physical conditioning and self defense skills, but teach you to recognize and respond appropriately to potentially dangerous environments and get yourself far away from them before they happen (situational awareness training). Many people gung-ho on learning self defense do so for many reasons, but a lot of the time, I feel it is to give them the confidence and ability to “put a whooping” on somebody else. The only down side to physical altercations is that during the process you open yourself up to personal injury, no matter how “bad ass” you are. It is rare that you come away from a physical encounter totally unscathed. The phrase “you should see the other guy” is good, since it means you survived, but at what cost? Here at Rogue Consulting Group, we feel it is better to recognize and avoid contact/conflict if at all possible, yet if cornered, to inflict the most amount of damage in the least amount of time to eliminate the threat while sustaining minimal damage to yourself during the process. Situational awareness is a great tool and it is something we expand on in our program.

The murder rate in the U.S. is roughly 6 per 100,000 people. Two million Americans are victims of violent crime yearly. Aggravated assault is one in every 1000 people. On the surface these numbers may look staggering, but when you consider that there are 300 million Americans and the fact that a lot of violent crime is committed by repeat offenders then the actual number of violent citizens is considerably less than 2 million.

There was some research conducted several years ago with individuals who were tried and found guilty of violent crime. These cons were in prison for serious predatory crimes of violence: assaults, murders, and killing law enforcement officers. The vast majority said they targeted their victims by body language – slumped walk, passive behavior, lack of awareness (head buried in an i-phone perhaps?) Most of these cons said that if they thought their prey would not go easily, they simply looked for a different target – much like the big cats of Africa.

Here at Rogue Consulting Group, we feel that you do not need to be wearing a uniform to be a sheepdog and being able to respond to specific environmental conditions appropriately to protect yourself and others is as fundamental as breathing. Both influence your ability to survive. It is a personal choice and it is our goal to give you some tools that will prepare you physically, mentally and tactically to recognize and fight the wolf if necessary if he comes knocking on your door.

For more information you can check out our Battle Ready Fitness program and other skill based programs we offer at:



Developing Your Level Of Influence

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Developing Your Level Of Influence

By Jon-

Leadership in business (as in life) is complex. There is no magical formula that makes one a leader. However there are many things that every leader does, that not only makes others want to follow, but also influences others to emulate, which makes a stronger business unit overall. Here are a few traits I recognize in leaders I respect.


Your word/reputation is everything.

In the military, your reputation is everything. Your advancement is based heavily on peer evaluation and trust in the unit, Maintaining that is critical. I liken it to your credit report. Your credit report either allows you to do many great things (buy a house, car, get low interest loans etc.) If you make mistakes, (and we all do on occasion) righting those mistakes takes time and lots of work. Rebuilding your credit is very difficult. The same goes for your reputation and your word. Do everything you can to keep it clean. If you make a mistake, work your ass off to rebuild it. Do what you say you’ll do. Be honest and direct and take accountability for your shortcomings.


Carry yourself with confidence.

Those that are part of the Rogue Consulting Group “Battle Ready Fitness” program, often hear us talk about standing up straight, hands off your hips, chest out, head held high. This is a position of authority. We have our fitness clients get in the habit of standing tall especially when they are totally exhausted and out of breath. This does two things. Firstly it allows them to get maximum oxygen delivered to their lungs and brain and recover more rapidly. Secondly it puts them in a mental state of authority and creates a state of readiness for the next challenge. (Try this throughout your day, stand tall and face your next challenge in a position of authority – You’ll also notice those who are constantly leaning on something, crossing their arms, or slumping.) Be the former!


Be generous with yourself, your time and your knowledge.

Great leader’s longevity is directly related to this in my opinion. The great leaders are giving souls. They make time for others. They want to share their gifts and knowledge. The best leaders have a real desire to make others better. Look around, if you see someone in a leadership position that is hoarding the glory, stifling the creativity of others, or doesn’t make time for their team, their tenure as a leader is limited. Help make those around you be the best version of themselves that you possibly can by being generous with you time, knowledge and your soul.


If you see something that needs to be done, do it!

In my humble opinion, this is sometimes the most overlooked aspect of leadership. I am guilty of this. We all get too busy, too distracted, too lazy, hell even too self-important! Think about how much time is wasted by avoiding what needs to be done. We procrastinate, obfuscate, assume, or make excuses. The leaders I want to emulate are those who take action, no matter how insignificant the action. Seeing that something needs to be done and doing it sets a great example and solves the problem immediately. I am not a big fan of the colloquialism “get ‘er done” but I like the sentiment. Leaders see something that needs to be done and gets it done.


There are many leadership qualities that we at Rogue Consulting Group see everyday. We are very lucky to work with some amazing leaders and have the opportunity to develop others to become great leaders. If you see that you or your company is lacking these skills, contact us at


Have a fantastic and productive week.


Morality in Sports and business

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Morality in Sports and business

From Rhod:

An odd title for a blog but it it’s something I feel compelled to write about.

I recently saw the “Lance Armstrong” documentary on HBO and was captivated by it. It roused some interesting questions in my own mind.

Before I continue let it be known for the record that I personally do not advocate the use of any performance enhancing drugs and do not support Lance’s decision to dope. If you are going to step into an arena of trial, whether it is physical or mental, it is my philosophy that you do so with the tools you were born with. After all, is it not about being the best that YOU can be and surviving/overcoming said trial without any chemical/medical assistance? For me it’s a question of being able to look at myself in the mirror and saying “it was all you Rhod”. Other people don’t have that problem and it is not for me to judge. I am simply stating my case. Most things in life are not black or white, they are varying shades of grey, but for me, the question of morality is a simple one – did you do the right thing or not? You can only answer in the negative or affirmative – there is no “well it’s like this” clause.

In my home town we have a saying “you were tried, you were tested and you were found wanting” – basically it means you fell short of your attended target. Most people associate the phrase with failure, and actually revel in the fact that you did fail; but I would argue differently. If I chose to put myself in an arena in the first place then that’s a win. If I was unsuccessful, then typically I learn more from my failures than my successes. Thirdly if I came up short and gave it everything I had without the use of performance enhancing drugs then I also learned that I didn’t have what it took at that particular time; needless to say, I would take the lessons learned from my failure and re-engage my nemesis at another point in time. It rekindles your fervor to be victorious and in my opinion there is no greater motivation out there.

Lance Armstrong had many reasons for doing what he did and as a result became possibly the most hated man in sporting history. The greatest tragedy in my opinion is that he will mostly be remembered for the blatant lies and the man who successfully cheated the system for 7 years, rather than undisputedly being the best endurance cyclist on the planet (every single rider in the tour during his reign as champion were taking EPO to enhance performance and recovery) – not to mention the fact that he was a source of incredible inspiration to cancer sufferers while raising millions of dollars that were utilized for cancer research.

In the end it is only he that has to live with his decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

In a business environment you do not have the luxury of “playing your cards close to your chest” or “withholding key information” of having “unscrupulous morals” because unlike Lance Armstrong, who solely carries the burdens of his decisions and the subsequent morality behind those decisions on his own shoulders, your decisions directly affect those who work in, with and around you. Regardless of your position in a company what you do or don’t do affects others, period. There is no grey area here and if you don’t pull your weight somebody else is going to have to pick up the slack. Today’s businessmen and women are looking to hire people that believe in certain life codes. If I were to name a few, adjectives such as loyalty, trust, integrity, accountability, grit, tenacity would all be noble/hirable qualities. Companies are looking to create culture and are looking for employee retention. If they can find these people they will train them and give them the necessary tools to perform their day to day tasks. Having a Degree, Masters or PHD is slowly losing its power – why hire someone who is possibly the smartest person on the planet but has no morals and doesn’t play well with others? Their position in a team simply becomes untenable, and in today’s complex world of business, the need for lone wolves is few and far between. Most have been left in the wilderness to die.

Here at Rogue we pride ourselves in being the forerunners in providing programs that get to the heart of the problems that you may be experiencing in the workplace and provide you with tools and some straight talk which will help figure out said problems. We base our evolutions on all (and more) of the descriptive adjectives mentioned above and create an environment of trust and honesty.

Still unsure? Have questions? Give us a call, we would love to meet with you and discuss some of our programs that can address problems of poor communication, lack of trust, leadership and so on.


RCG Presents The Battle Ready Fitness One-Month Challenge

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Rogue Consulting Group Presents the Battle Ready Fitness One-Month Challenge


We at Rogue Consulting Group live by the ethos of always finding ways to get better. One of my favorite sayings is “You are either getting better or worse, you are never staying that same. Make the choice to get better every day”. The idea for the Battle Ready Fitness One-Month Challenge came from Jon, Rhod and John looking for ways to constantly challenge ourselves personally. We thought that it would be fun and a great way to see what we do, plus build another BRF community supportive offering. With that in mind, we have decided to pull back the curtains into our personal world and create quarterly a One Month Challenge so that our Battle Ready Fitness warriors can see, and better yet join in with us if interested. This will include a simple workout to complete daily and we will include a nutrition element as well.

Whether you chose to take on the challenge is your decision. However, if you do join in, we want to create a fun community where people can compare results and support each other. We will post this on the RCG Facebook page and we welcome you to post your comments, challenges, successes etc. Optional – Post before and after pictures, and/or your stats.



Here is the first Challenge (Beginning September 1 – Sept 31)




1. No Alcohol


2. Eat 6 meals daily (Do not miss a meal)


3. Every day complete the following exercises/reps:


10 Supermans (10-second holds) – Lying on your stomach, raise your arms and legs off the ground.

20 V-ups – Lying on your back raise your upper torso and legs up until you form a pike or “V” position balancing on your butt.

30 Push-ups

40 Bodyweight Squats


4. Twice a week (after a 5 minute warm up) run a mapped 1-mile run for time (followed by a 5 minute cool down) with the goal of setting a new PR every week. This is all about commitment to the effort. Everyday we see people mindlessly running without making any effort. This is not what we are shooting for. You should be going balls-to-the-wall!!


For your 6 meals a day, you will use the following foods only. We are not providing meal plans since we don’t know what preparations you like however, some suggestions are protein shakes, smoothies, you can prepare the proteins once a week and portion it out in Tupperware then freeze it so you have ready meals, salads etc. Get creative!!


Shopping list for the month

Organic Eggs

Organic Chicken Breasts

Organic Pork Tenderloin

Bag of baby kale and spinach

5 Raw Veggies of your choice

Organic Frozen Berries (any types


Protein Powder (Whey with nothing added)

Bulk raw nuts and dried fruit (snacks)


Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Greek Yogurt

Almond Milk or Skim Milk

Brown Rice

Sweet Potatoes

Low sodium beans


Jon will be doing this even though he will be traveling 3-weeks during September so he will need your support!


Good luck!


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We live in a wondrous age, where with one device I can talk and text, browse the Internet and take pictures. If I so desire, I can instantly upload my photos to Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest or any other social media outlet and they can potentially be seen by millions of people. I am going to date myself, but I remember a day when we used cameras loaded with film to take pictures. There are potentially readers of this blog that have no idea what I am talking about when I mentioned the word film in regards to a camera, so bear with me.   When I was young, if we wanted to take pictures and to be able to see them, we had to get off the couch, take our film to store which could develop it, drop it off, wait 1-2 weeks, get off the couch again, hope against hope that at least one or two of the pictures came out alright as we drive to the store and pick up our pictures.

So what happened when we dropped our film off back in the day? It went through a developing process. Undeveloped film was taken into a dark room, into which no outside light was allowed, removed from its protective casing and exposed to a series of processes in order to enlarge, expose and fix the image onto paper. In the first process, the image was enlarged onto paper and placed into a solution, which exposed the image. Once the image reaches the proper exposure, the developing picture is placed into a stop solution, which halts the exposure process. Finally, the image is placed into a fixing solution that fixes the image and washes away impurities from the development process. What is left is an enlarged image of the exposure on the film. This process is not fast; to develop one picture can take several hours and sometimes the final result is not exactly what you expected.

Why in the world is a leadership and team development consultant writing about how old he is and how to develop film? This process of developing yourself or your work force is very similar to the process of developing film. 1.First, problems must be exposed. This is analogous to taking a picture. Often time to get the best picture of a situation, someone else needs to take a snapshot. Sometimes you may not even be aware a particular problem exists or that it is causing the issue at hand. 2. Once the problem is exposed, it needs to taken to place where outside influences aren’t allowed to interfere with its solution, a metaphorical dark room. We need to separate the outside influences that might be exacerbating the problem from the problem itself. Moving to an offsite location and removing people from their comfort zone is sometimes the best way to accomplish this. 3. Next the problem needs further exposure, someone to take a look at the true cause of the issue and probe to get the root of the problem. Too much exposure might not be good from a photographic standpoint, but it is just what is needed for solving leadership or team building problems. 4. Finally, the problem must be fixed. This is often the longest and most difficult part of the process. All the issues must be separated and the core matters must be resolved. As with film development, the final product might not be exactly what we had hoped; however, with careful set-up, planning, execution and follow-through, we can get a picture perfect result every time.

Having issues for which you just can’t get the whole picture? Do you or your employees need more development to reach the next level of success? Give us a call and let us here at Rogue Consulting Group come take a snapshot of your situation. For more information, check out

Step Off The Line

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Step Off The Line

By Jon-

One of the many exercises we do with our Leadership and Team Development clients is an exercise that tests the group’s courage and willingness to share something very personal about themselves with their team. The evolution is called the line game. We have the team stand in a line in complete silence, shoulder to shoulder and we ask a series of questions to the group. These questions can be funny, deadly serious, personal, maybe even embarrassing. We ask those who have ever experienced “said question” to take one step forward off the line. The group can look right and left but say nothing – make no sound at all. This evolution is incredibly powerful and revealing. Not everyone will step off the line. It not only takes a lot of courage to step forward in front of your peers (some that may not even know you), especially when the question reveals something very personal about you, but it also creates an opportunity for those on your team to discover that they may share similar experiences with you. It creates personal interest in one another and builds bonds. It creates dialogue long after the exercise takes place.

I want to focus on the courage element of this exercise. By stepping off the line, one is overcoming fears. He/she is exposing themselves to possible judgment, embarrassment, and humiliation, and the fear that comes with putting yourself out there. However, what actually occurs are amazing moments of pride, esprit de corps and support. You will see people come together and continue to share their experiences. It is inspiring to see those who were terrified to expose a personal event in their life to others and find that they are not alone. There are people that can relate and offer understanding and appreciation. Those fears are blown away and trust is created.

I think that the step off the line exercise is a great metaphor for life. If we all (myself included) were willing more often to “step off the line” in our daily life, expose our fears and weaknesses, we would find great reward. This can apply at work (where trust and true bond is lacking), at home (where honesty and being open is critical for relationship success), and in our outdoor adventures and travel (where nothing risked is nothing gained).

Building community one person and one team at a time is one of our philosophies at Rogue Consulting Group. We instill this in everything we do, from our Team and Leadership programs to our Battle Ready Fitness programs. Come and experience what it is like to be part of the Rogue Consulting Group community. Share what we offer with those you know.

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