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“Real power comes from sharing knowledge……. Not hoarding it”

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog on addressing lower back pain and although I still whole heartedly believe in what I wrote back then, I recently experienced something that I felt should be shared (you can check out that blog here Since that time, I have continued my battle to seek pain relief and have recently found a modality that has helped me tremendously. As with most things in life, when we know better we should do better. Furthermore, we should share those lessons learned with others, in the hope that they can do better.

A good friend of mine recently purchased a 90 minute manual therapy session for me at “Anatomy”. Now if you read the blog I referenced above, you’ll have a clear understanding of my skepticism when it comes to achieving any pain relief, but hey, it was a gift, what’s a guy to do right?

I walked into “Anatomy” basically thinking this was going to be a standard sports massage which ultimately would provide some temporary pain relief, but nothing outside of what I had already experienced in my 2 decade “pain relief” quest. I was hugely mistaken!

For those of you who are familiar with the book “Becoming a supple Leopard” written by Dr Kelley Starrett and believe in his teachings/methods, then “Anatomy” is most definitely for you. As many of you with lacrosse balls know, the work required to restore proper function and muscular sliding surfaces can be very painful (depending on your level of dysfunction.) Often the pain can be so bad it can elicit a flight/fight response. The result being we can’t or won’t do the work necessary to restore function. There is nothing relaxing about the work they perform at Anatomy and I hand in my man card every time I walk through their door. At one point Kyle and Em (the owners) had to make sure I was in the back room getting the work done in order to protect their other clients from the range of expletives that would so eloquently flow out of my mouth.

I asked the owners of “Anatomy” to describe what they do, simply because they can articulate it much better than I ever could.

From Kyle and Em (owners of Anatomy):

The most common difference clients notice right away is that our style of Manual Therapy is not relaxing like traditional Massage Therapy. Unlike Traditional massage which focuses more on moving fluids (i.e. blood and lymph), our technique focuses on fascia and the dysfunction that occurs there. When dysfunction occurs in fascia it can create something called Fibrosis, which is a thickening of connective tissue. That thickening causes the surrounding connective tissue to slightly adhere or “stick” to one another, causing immobility and often pain. This dysfunction can occur in the fascia of the muscle belly and into the deeper layers of the muscle belly called fascicles. The thickening of fascia can dramatically affect the range of motion in joints, as well as not allowing muscles to properly slide on one another to achieve full activation. To reiterate what I said previously, Manual Therapy in itself is a different modality within the realm of bodywork. Even with Deep Tissue massage techniques like some types of Sports massage, you will have a lot of compressions, stretching and trigger point work. These are all great things for cell health and flushing out lactic acids but sadly, from what I have experienced, these techniques seem to be limited when it comes to removing fibrosis, adhesions, and scar tissue, though temporarily improving symptoms. This is where Anatomy steps in. By treating sliding surfaces of muscles and connective tissue, our goal is to achieve better range of motion, and less pain with active and passive movement.

We love what we do because we get to be one on one with clients and help make an actual difference in their lives. Our average client has had a chronic issue or many chronic issues for years that have never been properly addressed. Seeing someone go through a transformation in sometimes as little as one session and to see them without the pain that has been residing in their body, sometimes for 25 years, is incredible.

I (Kyle) have been a therapist for almost 10 years. I received my education in St. Louis, MO and continued my studies through books, lectures and an apprenticeship under fascial workers and anatomists. My wife, Em and I have owned Anatomy for almost 3 years. Em recently became a Manual Therapist and works at the clinic. We can be reached through email or phone. or 720-262-6905.

After that first (extremely painful) session I literally could not believe the difference it made to my overall mobility and I found it even harder to believe that I was pain free. That deep seated dull ache had packed its bags (at least for now). Initially I was on a once a week protocol but have since reduced my sessions to once a month. I really cannot say that the work they do at Anatomy has “fixed me” but it has had a dramatic effect in reducing my chronic pain. It also compelled me to write a blog about it which (if you know me) speaks volumes.

Another thing that I feel needs to be mentioned is that they don’t proclaim to be the “one stop shop/fix all ailments” clinic. If the work they do there does not illicit a positive response, they will shake your hand and refer you to some other practitioners that could be of help. They thrive on making a positive impact on your physical wellbeing which of course directly affects your mental wellbeing. If they cannot achieve this they don’t want your money.

A word of caution and speaking only from my own experiences at Anatomy, this work is not for the faint of heart. My relationship is truly one of love and hate but the underlying question for me must be………..

“Chronic pain by its very definition means long term. Do you really think you are going to solve chronic issues with a weekly rub down?” To break the cycle of dysfunction and “reprogramming of your cells” your must fight fire with fire and holy shit, the folks at Anatomy bring the heat!!!!!

If, like me you have reached the end of your tether and the only thing your doctors are prescribing are surgery and pain medications, give Anatomy a whirl. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Explore every modality you can before going under the knife or exposing your body to the effects of long term pain meds.

Good luck!

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