Developing Your Level Of Influence

Developing Your Level Of Influence

By Jon-

Leadership in business (as in life) is complex. There is no magical formula that makes one a leader. However there are many things that every leader does, that not only makes others want to follow, but also influences others to emulate, which makes a stronger business unit overall. Here are a few traits I recognize in leaders I respect.


Your word/reputation is everything.

In the military, your reputation is everything. Your advancement is based heavily on peer evaluation and trust in the unit, Maintaining that is critical. I liken it to your credit report. Your credit report either allows you to do many great things (buy a house, car, get low interest loans etc.) If you make mistakes, (and we all do on occasion) righting those mistakes takes time and lots of work. Rebuilding your credit is very difficult. The same goes for your reputation and your word. Do everything you can to keep it clean. If you make a mistake, work your ass off to rebuild it. Do what you say you’ll do. Be honest and direct and take accountability for your shortcomings.


Carry yourself with confidence.

Those that are part of the Rogue Consulting Group “Battle Ready Fitness” program, often hear us talk about standing up straight, hands off your hips, chest out, head held high. This is a position of authority. We have our fitness clients get in the habit of standing tall especially when they are totally exhausted and out of breath. This does two things. Firstly it allows them to get maximum oxygen delivered to their lungs and brain and recover more rapidly. Secondly it puts them in a mental state of authority and creates a state of readiness for the next challenge. (Try this throughout your day, stand tall and face your next challenge in a position of authority – You’ll also notice those who are constantly leaning on something, crossing their arms, or slumping.) Be the former!


Be generous with yourself, your time and your knowledge.

Great leader’s longevity is directly related to this in my opinion. The great leaders are giving souls. They make time for others. They want to share their gifts and knowledge. The best leaders have a real desire to make others better. Look around, if you see someone in a leadership position that is hoarding the glory, stifling the creativity of others, or doesn’t make time for their team, their tenure as a leader is limited. Help make those around you be the best version of themselves that you possibly can by being generous with you time, knowledge and your soul.


If you see something that needs to be done, do it!

In my humble opinion, this is sometimes the most overlooked aspect of leadership. I am guilty of this. We all get too busy, too distracted, too lazy, hell even too self-important! Think about how much time is wasted by avoiding what needs to be done. We procrastinate, obfuscate, assume, or make excuses. The leaders I want to emulate are those who take action, no matter how insignificant the action. Seeing that something needs to be done and doing it sets a great example and solves the problem immediately. I am not a big fan of the colloquialism “get ‘er done” but I like the sentiment. Leaders see something that needs to be done and gets it done.


There are many leadership qualities that we at Rogue Consulting Group see everyday. We are very lucky to work with some amazing leaders and have the opportunity to develop others to become great leaders. If you see that you or your company is lacking these skills, contact us at


Have a fantastic and productive week.


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