Battle Ready Fitness:

Here it is. The most comprehensive workout program on the face of the planet. Battle Ready Fitness programs Starting May 5th 2014.
Where – 700 W. Mississippi Ave, Denver , 80223, Building A, Unit #5
When – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Time – 0545a.m. – 0715 a.m.
Price – $150 per person per month


Battle Ready Fitness:

Life is full of battles large and small. Your mental and physical preparation is what gives you the edge to succeed. Battle ready fitness is based around the philosophy that there is a need to maintain a steady state of physical fitness that allows you to act/react in an array of scenarios that you may encounter in life – chosen or otherwise. It is our goal to provide you with the physical capacity to run significant distances, survive violent encounters, drag a family member from a burning building, climb mountains, rescue someone from drowning or pursue whatever personal physical endeavors you choose. The team at Rogue Consulting Group has developed this program to help wherever life’s battles might lead. The workouts are not of one discipline, but many. We use a systematic approach to physical fitness. A large amount of focus is placed on mindset and developing an “iron will”, while supporting individual needs and developing a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Our instructors have backgrounds in special ops, law enforcement, E.M.S., Search and rescue and are all nationally certified strength and conditioning coaches. Participants will be asked to “give” more than they think they are capable of and when complete, will have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

We are currently partnering with the premier Parkour gym in Colorado, Apex Movement (think of the T.V. show American Ninja Warrior) and will be using their indoor training facility as well as the great outdoors to get you battle ready fit. The indoor training facility hosts an array of standard functional gym equipment to include rowing machines, climbing ropes, sled, Olympic weights, Dynamax med balls, rings, GHD machines etc., but what sets this gym apart from all others is the indoor urban environment they have created (buildings, high walls, aerial apparatus with foam pit) which allows us to give you workouts that no other gym can offer.

We take great pride in the development of the individual, not only physically but emotionally. These two facets work hand in hand when faced with overcoming hardship and it is our goal to provide you with the coaching and the tools that will ultimately help create that “iron will.” Our training program will give you a greater level of awareness and heighten your skill set to deal with the challenges of everyday life. It is not only an investment in yourself; the levels of awareness and skills learned can be passed on to those people in your inner circle. Whether the battles are in the boardroom, to lose a few pounds, become more tactically aware or achieve a higher mental/physical/psychological standard, Battle Ready Fitness is the answer.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Monthly Battle Ready Fitness Programs and pricing or have an interest in incorporating Battle Ready Fitness into your corporate Health and Wellness programs.



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